How to Full Screen Games on Your PC

It’s easy to full screen games on your PC using a few different methods. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

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Full-screen mode in PC games enlarges the game to occupy the entire display. This makes games more immersive and can sometimes improve performance, although it may also introduce input lag. On most Windows PCs, you can toggle between full-screen and windowed mode by pressing Alt+Enter. Some games also have their own built-in options for toggling between the two modes.

What You’ll Need

-A computer running Windows 7, 8, or 10
-An external display connected to your computer
-A game that can be played in full-screen mode

##1. Right-click on your desktop and select “Screen resolution.”
##2. Select the “Multiple displays” drop-down menu and choose “Extend these displays.”
##3. Open the game you want to play in full-screen mode.
##4. Press the “Alt” and “Enter” keys on your keyboard at the same time to enter full-screen mode.

How to Fullscreen Games in Windows

One way to make games run faster on your PC is to full-screen them. This means that the game will take up your entire screen, making it the only thing visible. Games will usually automatically go into full-screen mode when you launch them, but some games have an option to toggle between windowed and full-screen mode. To do this, look for a button with two arrows pointing away from each other somewhere on the game’s main screen. Clicking this button will toggle between the two modes.

How to Fullscreen Games in macOS

To get started, open the game you want to play in windowed mode. This can usually be done by right-clicking on the game’s shortcut icon and selecting “Properties.” Then, under the “General” tab, check the “Windowed” option. Once you’ve done this, launch the game.

Now that the game is running in windowed mode, press Command+Shift+F (hold down the Command key, press and hold down the Shift key, then press the F key) to enter full-screen mode. Alternatively, you can click on the green button in the top-left corner of the window. Either way, your game should now be running in full-screen mode on your Mac.

How to Use Fullscreen Optimizations

Windows 10 can optimize your games to fullscreen mode automatically. This is turned on by default for apps and games that support it, but you can always turn it off if you’d like. Here’s how:

On your Windows 10 PC, press the Windows key + I to open the Settings app.
Click System.
Click Advanced display settings.
Under Advanced sizing of text and other items, check the Full screen optimizations box.

You can also turn off fullscreen optimization for a specific game by right-clicking the game’s shortcut or exe file, clicking Properties, and then turning off the option under the Compatibility tab.

How to Use Borderless Gaming

Do you want to know how to full screen games on your PC without Borders? This guide will show you how to use Borderless Gaming.

Borderless Gaming is an excellent program that allows you to play your games in full screen mode without the hassle of black borders around the edge of the screen.

here’s how it works:

1. Download and install Borderless Gaming.
2. Start the program and add the game you want to play in full screen mode to the list of games.
3. Make sure that the game is selected and then click “Start”.
4. The game will now start in full screen mode without any black borders!

How to Use Exclusive Fullscreen

Exclusive fullscreen is the preferred mode for games, as it offers the best possible image quality and performance. However, non-borderless fullscreen windows can cause issues with some games.

In order to use exclusive fullscreen, your game must be running in a borderless window. To do this, open the settings menu in your game and look for an option called “Borderless Window” or “Borderless Fullscreen.” If you cannot find this option, you may need to disable fullscreen optimization or run the game in windowed mode.

Once you have ensured that your game is running in a borderless window, you can enable exclusive fullscreen in NVIDIA Control Panel. To do this, open NVIDIA Control Panel and navigate to the “Display” tab. Under “Select a Display Mode,” select “Full Screen.” You can also change the resolution and refresh rate under “Advanced Settings.”

If you are using an AMD graphics card, you can enable exclusive fullscreen in Radeon Settings. Open Radeon Settings and navigate to the “Display” tab. Under “Framerate Control,” select “Full Screen.” You can also change the resolution and refresh rate under “Advanced Settings.”


Sometimes when you try to go full screen, your game will minimize. This is a common problem with PC games, but there are a few things you can do to fix it.

First, try hitting Alt+Enter. This will sometimes force the game into full screen mode. If that doesn’t work, try right-clicking on the game’s shortcut and selecting “Run as administrator.” If that still doesn’t work, you’ll need to adjust your settings in Windows.

Open the Control Panel and go to Display. Under Resolution, select the option for “Change display settings for all users.” Find the game in the list and make sure it’s set to run in full screen mode. If it’s not, change it and then try running the game again.

If you’re still having trouble, there may be an issue with your graphics drivers. Update them and see if that fixes the problem.


Now that you know how to full screen games on your PC, you can enjoy them even more. Make sure to adjust the resolution and refresh rate to get the best gaming experience. With these simple steps, you’ll be able to maximize your gaming enjoyment.

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