How To Get All Environmental Suits In Biomutant

In Biomutant, you can create several different species of mutants. However, the default species of Biomutant is the Mutation, which is a very basic species without any special abilities. To create a species of mutants that has all the abilities and looks of a real-life species, you can create an Environmental Suit. This is something you can buy in BioMutant, and you need to have the money to buy it. You can buy the Environmental Suit with the money you have from your base, which is automatically earned in Biomutant.

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You need to be protected from hypoxia, heat and other environmental hazards in Biomutant. In this guide to all of Biomutant’s environmental suits, you’ll learn how to unlock each suit to protect yourself from various dangerous aspects of the environment. All dangers in the world have a countersuit that allows you to explore these areas without fear of immediate death. You get them all the same way by completing a specific side quest. The side missions themselves are very simple, all marked on the map so you can follow the objectives and complete them easily. Finding side quests in Biomutant can be tricky though, so we’re going to tell you everything you need to know.

  • Heat zone – heat zone combination
  • Hypoxia zone – oxygen suit
  • Biohazard – Biohazard suit
  • Cold zone suit

How to get all environmental combinations in Biomutant.

The first danger you are likely to face is hypoxia, but unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it yet. First, you need to get the Heatzone combination. Every quest starts the same way. You approach the danger zone, and once you’re there for a few seconds, the scene begins. After this scene, a new side quest is released to help you find the right costume.

Thermal protection suit

Find this location on the map. This is the heat zone. It is easy to see from afar because it is surrounded by a red nebula. As you get closer, you see red rocks and other signs of the heat zone. Carefully come closer and sit on the edge so that the upper right is the heat zone. After a few seconds you’ll get an order to get the Heatzone suit. Just follow the objectives to get the costume. word-image-14046

Oxygen combination

You discover the hypoxia zone much earlier in the game, but at first you can’t do anything because the oxygen suit is stuck in the heat zone. So after you get the heat suit, you can get the oxygen suit. In case you missed the previous section on hypoxia, there is a huge area in the west that is completely hypoxic: the dead zone. Make sure you’re on the ground where all the plants and everything else is dead. word-image-14047

Biohazard suit

The biohazard suit allows you to explore biohazardous areas. There’s a ruined nuclear power plant on this site. As for the others, get in and stay in the biohazard suit for a few seconds and you get the biohazard suit quest. word-image-14048

combination cold zone

The final danger to the environment is the cold zone suit. You have to go to where I’m standing. There’s a cold zone. Stay there as before until the scene starts and you can get the quest. word-image-14049 word-image-14050 From the beginning of the game you have the choice of the Alliance quest. This guide to choosing Yagni or Myriad Sifu in Biomutant explains what happens when you choose Yagni or word-image-14051 There are many side missions in Biomutant, but they can be hard to find. In this Biomutant quest location guide, you’ll learn where to start on each of the missions we have on… word-image-14052 After you take the tribe’s second fort, you have one more important decision to make. This biomutant wants to finish earlier, or we continue the crusade. The decision guide will guide you through both choices. word-image-14053 With Biomutant, you need to protect yourself from hypoxia, heat and other environmental hazards. In this guide to Biomutant’s environmental suits, learn how to unlock each suit.

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