How to Get Mora in Genshin Impact: 10 Best Ways to Farm Mora Fast

Genshin Impact is a popular video game that has players ride dragons while performing tasks in different playing styles. While this content tends to draw people in, it actually doesn’t have much gameplay and after the initial purchase there’s not much more use for Mora coins beyond trading with other gamers.

The “genshin impact mora farming” is a process that can yield many Mora in the game. There are 10 ways to farm Mora in Genshin Impact.

“Cashing in on Mora and time for power… Interesting. This demonstrates their genuine worth.” Ningguang is a city in the Chinese province of Ningguang.  

Teyvat has just one language, Mora, which is spoken by everyone. The gleaming golden coin is the game’s principal money and is accepted all around the universe.  

However, for the Traveler and business, obtaining tangible stuff is not the primary goal.

Because Mora is minted with the Geo Archon’s power, it’s possible that the coins may be utilized as strengthening catalysts. Mora is used to boost your characters and equipment in particular (both gameplay and lore wise).  

Power, as one would assume, comes at a price. A hefty price tag.  

While it may seem like you have endless Mora in the early stages of the game, every seasoned player can testify to how frantically you scavenge for coin in the late game to level your artifacts and abilities.  

As a result, we’ll go through the greatest and quickest methods to gain Mora in Genshin Impact today. Starting with the most profitable possibilities, we’ll go through both obvious and unusual methods to make Mora.  

Let’s get this party started.  

1. Adventurer Rank and Questing

It should come as no surprise that missions deliver the most significant rewards in an RPG like Genshin. Quests will enable you to fast raise up your Adventurer Rank in addition to delivering big amounts of Mora as prizes.  

Adventure-Rank-808x1024 Adventure-Rank-808x1024 Image courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu / miHoYo

The higher your Adventurer Rank, the quicker you’ll be able to unlock new content and raise your World Level. Enemies will get stronger as your World Level rises, but the world will reward you with more riches in exchange. To get the most out of Ley Lines, you should get to Rank 45 and unlock World Level 6 as soon as feasible (more on that below).  

Technically, after you reach the current rank ceiling of 60, you will also get Mora whenever you gain Adventurer’s EXP… However, unless you’ve been playing every day from launch, it’ll take some time to get there.

2. Chests of Treasure

Mora is often seen in treasure boxes, which is unsurprising. Because you’re going to loot a chest anytime you have the chance, we’re going to concentrate on dispelling certain myths.  

Treasure chests do not respawn after being opened. Chests do not respawn in Genshin Impact, despite what some claim on the internet (with the one exception of that seashell merchant in Inazuma).  

The vast majority of kingdoms and dungeons can only be finished once. If you can’t find a chest, it’s most likely gone forever. If you wish to prevent this, we highly advise you to look up the domain on the Genshin fan wiki to discover how many chests there in total.  

Exploration-1024x609 Exploration-1024x609 Image courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu / miHoYo

You could see an exploration percentage over specific places if you zoom out a little on the map. The percentage takes into account a variety of elements, including Oculi gained, tasks accomplished, and, most importantly, chests obtained. As a general rule, if it’s less than 100 percent, there’s still treasure to be found (though there still might be some treasure tucked away even after hitting 100 percent ).

Finally, treasure compasses obtained through raising your city’s repute only point to non-hidden chests. The compass will not identify a chest that requires you to complete a problem or execute a certain action to spawn.

3. Events

At Genshin Impact, there are often many events going on at the same time. To engage in almost all of them, you must have reached a particular point in the main tale, with a recent focus on being completely caught up.  

Events-1024x559 Events-1024x559 Image courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu / miHoYo

Being unable to complete a significant event tends to spark a fire under you if you didn’t have a purpose to advance the main plot previously. The most recent Lantern Rite festival, for example, included a free 4-star character and unlocks clothing in addition to the standard event goodies.  

Primogems, enhancement materials, and enough Mora to feed Paimon for a week are usually included in the standard gifts. Because events are time-limited, make it a priority to finish them completely in order to replenish your bank account.  

In addition, MiHoYo will sometimes send out in-game notices about these events, encouraging users to spread the word for roughly 20k Mora. While they would like you to spread news about the events on social media, you can typically obtain the prize by using the copy link tool.

Lines of Ley (Blossom of Wealth)

Once you achieve Adventurer Rank 12, you’ll be able to use our first repeatable Mora-making technique. As long as you have the resin to harvest them, the many Ley Lines that link Teyvat can regularly give large amounts of money.  

At any one moment, one Blossom of Wealth is functioning in each Teyvat district. To summon the Blossom, just travel to the spot, activate it, and fight the one or two waves of opponents that come. To harvest the Mora inside, you’ll need to expend 20 Original Resin (which regenerates at a rate of 1 every 8 minutes). A new Blossom will sprout elsewhere in the area after that, and you may repeat the procedure.  

Ley-Line-1024x464 Ley-Line-1024x464 Image courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu / miHoYo

Your World Level determines the amount of Mora you earn. You only get 12k Mora every harvest at first. However, as you go through the World Levels, the yield rises by 8k every level until it reaches 60k per harvest at World Level 6. As a result, we suggest focusing your efforts on collecting ascension materials rather than Ley Lines early on.  

On rare occasions, an occurrence known as the Ley Line Overflow will occur. The first three harvests from a Ley Line will be quadrupled each day throughout that period. When this occurrence comes along, we highly advise having enough resin on hand for all three harvests.

5. Commissions Paid Every Day

Daily commissions are unlocked after you reach Adventurer Rank 12 and complete the opening quest. In each location, four of these mini missions will emerge once each actual day.  

You’ll get a few Primogems and Mora chunks if you finish them. If you complete all four, you’ll be able to collect an extra prize by speaking with Katheryne in any large city. Because this is one of the few methods to earn Primogems consistently, make it a point to do them every time you check in.

6. Bounties and Weekly Requests

You’ll be able to access the reputation system for each area after you’ve reached Adventurer Rank 25 and completed the region’s introductory tale chapter.  

Bounties-and-Requests-1024x561 Bounties-and-Requests-1024x561 Image courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu / miHoYo

Each region’s reputation officer has a variety of requests and rewards for big sums of Mora that you may accept. Each week, you may complete three requests and three bounties (shared across all regions).  

Requests are often simple fetch-quests for basic supplies, which pay off at a rate of 20k Mora each request. If you don’t feel like completing a particular request, just go on to the next region’s request list.  

Bounties, on the other hand, include using Elemental Sight to hunt down clues of a powerful opponent before discovering and killing them (at least in Mondstadt and Liyue). Prepare for any variables these adversaries may have, such as being immune to particular sorts of damage. Depending on the difficulty level you choose, you may earn up to 30k Mora each bounty when you return.

Realm Depot is a place where you may buy and sell

House-Shop-1024x497 House-Shop-1024x497 Image courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu / miHoYo

Another weekly source of Mora (and other valuable goods) is the Realm Depot is a place where you may buy and sell in your Serenitea Pot house. You unlock the Serenitea Pot shortly after completing Liyue’s story and from there you can start accumulating Realm Currency by filling your personal realm with furniture and companions.  

Simply speak to your personal teapot assistant Tubby to regularly collect your Realm Currency and to access the Realm Depot is a place where you may buy and sell shop. As you’re interested in Mora, your priority is to buy the Transient Resin to farm additional Ley Lines and then purchase additional Mora with any remaining Realm Currency.

You simply want to fill your house with garbage in order to create as much Realm Currency as possible. You will get more Adeptal Energy with each item of furniture you install in each sector. When you reach specific milestones, the pace at which you accumulate Realm Currency will rise. The quantity of Realm Currency you may save before collecting it will grow as your trust level with Tubby rises.

7. Artifacts for Sale

The idea that you may sell artifacts from your inventory is something that a lot of players appear to be ignorant of. Simply go to your inventory, click the trash bin in the bottom left, and choose the artifacts you want to sell.  

Artifacts-1024x561 Artifacts-1024x561 Image courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu / miHoYo

Depending on the rarity of the relic, you’ll get varied quantities of Mora. Artifacts that are equipped, leveled up, or of 5-star quality cannot be sold.

  • 420 Mora is a one-star (grey) hotel.
  • 840 Mora is a 2-star (green) hotel.
  • 1260 Mora, 3-star (blue)
  • 2520 Mora is a 4-star (purple) hotel.

However, since leveling up artifacts necessitates the sacrifice of other artifacts, we don’t advocate selling them until you’ve reached the artifact maximum in your inventory or have run out of Mora. Also, selling weapons will only give you weapon enhancement crystals, thus this will not work.

8. Monster Farming

When you’ve reached the point of sheer desperation for Mora (or you’re bored and want to go on a rampage for a little), this is what you do.  

When an adversary is defeated, a little amount of Mora is dropped. Regrettably, it’s generally just little quantities, ranging from 20 to 40 per normal-sized enemy. It’s typically not worth the effort unless there’s a large number gathered in one location.  

Elite-Enemies-1024x556 Elite-Enemies-1024x556 Image courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu / miHoYo

In Mora, however, greater elite foes drop 5 times their level, ranging from 200 to 600. (depending on difficulty). They may also drop 3 or 4-star artifacts from time to time, which you can sell for Mora.  

The following are some examples of elite enemies:

  • Mitachurls/Lawachurls are a mix of Mitachurls and Lawachurls (big Hilichurls)
  • Mages of the Abyss
  • Any Rifthound out there?
  • Any kind of mechanical foe
  • Fatui Cicin Mages, Pyro Agents, and Mirror Maidens are all Fatui Cicin Mages.
  • Any kind of Vishap
  • The Storm’s Eye

Just keep in mind that we don’t encourage this strategy unless you’re planning on binge-watching the game. There is a daily ceiling of 400 elite opponent kills, but most of you would go nuts (rightfully so) if you reached it.

9. Parametric Convertor

The Parametric Transformer device is a commonly ignored opportunity for some simple weekly Mora. This handy little relic may generate a boatload of resources and riches once every week as a reward for completing the Tianqiu Treasure Trail quest in Liyue.  

When you deploy the device, you must feed it any combination of resources until the bar hits 150, then strike it with elemental assaults until the bar is full. Higher-quality resources are more valuable, but you should have a plenty of basic materials by killing/looting anything you come across. There is no distinction in incentives depending on the quality of the feed.  

Parametric-Transformer-1024x585 Parametric-Transformer-1024x585 Image courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu / miHoYo

You’ll get anything from 5 to 10 different sets of goods. The rewards will be biased towards various sets depending on whatever objects you feed to the Parametric Transformer. You’re presumably most interested in the 20k Mora set, given the theme of this essay. If that’s the case, concentrate on providing slimes, hilichurls, treasure hoarders, and Fatui opponents supplies (minus Fatui Pyro agents).  

Keep in mind that the result is not guaranteed. Fortunately, all of the available gifts are still quite valuable strengthening materials, so you’ll most likely be satisfied anyway. You’ll simply have to remember to visit your gadgets page once a week since there’s no notification for when the gadget’s cooldown has expired.

Check-In on a Daily Basis

MiHoYo has introduced a new daily check-in on their official website page ( – go to it through Google if you’re uncertain) in an effort to promote player engagement with their corporate brand. This check-in awards users with a variety of in-game items such as Primogems, leveling resources, and 59k Mora every month.

Check-In-page-1024x624 Check-In-page-1024x624 Image courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu / miHoYo

Because you all had to create a MiHoYo account when you initially began playing Genshin Impact, accessing the company’s website is simple. Simply go to the left side of the page, choose Tools, and then Genshin Impact, then Check-in.  

You’ll be brought to a page that looks like a calendar, with your current check-in status underlined. To claim your prizes and have them delivered to you through in-game mail, click on the highlighted day. The time zone for the check-in is UTC+8, therefore convert it to your local time zone.  

The calendar’s incentives will not continue if you skip a day, therefore we suggest conducting the check-in whenever you start Genshin for the first time in a day.

Be a part of the High Ground

That concludes our advice on how to obtain Mora in Genshin Impact and the best strategies to farm Mora quickly. We hope you found some of these techniques to be helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and don’t forget to subscribe or share it on social media. Have fun gaming!

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