How to open the Nakatomi Plaza vault in Warzone

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The third game in the “Post-Omega” era of fiction was “War Zone”, a game about a time traveler from the year 2400 trying to stop an evil corporation from wiping out the human race in the year 2200. The game was unique in that it was the first “Tower Defense” game in a Halo or COD environment. The game was set in the year 2200, where the evil corporation has managed to finally wipe out human civilization and enslave the remainder of mankind. The time traveler is trying to stop the corporation from doing this by finding the seven keys that open the vault that contains the remaining weaponry of humanity. To find these keys, he must fight through the various buildings and bases the corporation has built. It

In the original Fallout, during the Nakatomi Plaza quest, Vault 101 is the final destination for characters who want to be protected when the bombs drop. Unfortunately, the vault is locked shut, and only the Overseer’s password can open it. However, you can get that password if you know how.

Call of Duty : Warzone embodies the 80s action movie by adding Nakatomi place from Die Hard. You’ll be pleased to hear that Nakatomi Plaza has stayed completely true to the film: All pieces, openings and small details look very authentic. By the way, Warzone has a brand new vault in the center of Verdansk that must be opened with a key card found only in Nakatomi Square. It’s anything but simple: Multiple players or teams compete for an entire vault and three different safes that can be opened inside. Don’t worry, here’s the full guide to unlocking the Nakatomi Plaza chest in the war zone, including instructions on how to find the three key cards.

Unfinished business, key card – 1

In Unfinished Business, there are three different contracts that the player can sign at the beginning of each game. These contracts are limited and non-renewable. So you have to make sure that you are one of the players or teams that will get these three coveted contracts. If you miss it, you miss it. To unlock the key card of the safe – 1 in the war zone, you must collect the Unfinished Business contract and open the following three boxes located on your card. Unfinished Business is a revised Scavenger contract, so nothing has changed except the reward for getting the key card from the safe – 1. As with all these vault key cards, you can open the vault, which is located on the 31st floor. Floor of Nakatomi Square. Image by: Activision word-image-15548

Enemy fire, vault key card – 2

Like in the movie Die Hard, there are several C4 on the roof of Nakatomi square. Although there are no hostages in Warzone, the danger is still there: Instead, the C4 is guarded by a combat helicopter. The C4 starts counting down as soon as the players enter Danzig at the beginning of the game. If you don’t manage to dismantle the four C4’s on the roof of Nakatomi Square within two minutes, you will probably explode. The C4 needs time to shut down. You can expect to die dismantling the C4, either at the hands of other players or by being shot down by the helicopter above you. It’s a high risk, high reward game. Enemy fire is also frequent, meaning all players must work together to defuse the C4. Although there are four to dismantle, only the last one gives you key card 2 for the vault of Nakatomi Plaza. If you can’t become a hero, you can track down and kill the player who took the key card from the chest. As mentioned above, go to 31. Plant and gather your prey! Here’s a hint: The advantage of coolness makes you invisible to the artillery guarding the C4. Without this skill, he will shoot at you and you will have no choice but to shoot him. When you blow up the helicopter above Nakatomi Square, a golden box comes out. The deposit consists of several weapons, one of which will be a random legendary gun. Image by : Activision word-image-15549 word-image-15550

Deal Gone Wrong Keycard – 3

Deal Gone Wrong is designed for players who like to fight hordes of enemies. This method allows you to make the most shots out of the three, and also collect the most money. Players can start this event by going to the underground garage in the second sublevel of Nakatomi Plaza and starting the event located in the open truck in the middle of the garage. This truck differs from the others in that the back is open and a golden glow emanates from the computer console mounted inside. Go to the console and you’ll be prompted to start the Deal Gone Wrong event. Make sure you have cymbals and ammo for this event because it gets hectic. At the beginning of this mini-event, you must destroy two waves of enemies to drop the key card from the vault – 3. This is very similar to previous zombie-related events before the transition to Retro-Verdansk. When enemies make little impression and pose little threat, a redesigned version of the Juggernaut called Brute appears in the second wave. After you pierce the brute’s armor, he still has a lot of health left to destroy, so keep shooting. When Brutus dies, he drops piles of money that you can pick up. The only way for players to win the chest key card – 3 is to defeat all enemies. The key card in the chest will drop as soon as you kill the last enemy. Other players may join in on this little event and steal your key card from the vault, so watch out for other players or groups trying to make off with the reward.   word-image-15551 word-image-15552

Nakatomi Square Storage Facility Opens

All three paths lead to the same destination. The camp is located at 31. Floor of Nakatomi Plaza. As mentioned above, you can open the Nakatomi Plaza chest in the war zone if you have collected the chest key card. Each vault key card opens a different vault on the Nakatomi field, so you don’t have to search for three different cards throughout the game. Inside, you’ll find money bundles ranging from $100,000 to $1,000,000, depending on the game mode – Battle Royale or Plunder. Inside the chest you will also find killstreaks, legendary weapons and other very powerful items that you can use. Depending on the path you choose, you may also find additional loot in chests that you must also grab. Be careful when opening the safe! The warzone reports in the lobby that the safe is open, so you might find some loot from Nakatomi Plaza. Nakatomi Square is currently the best place to mine in Warzoneof . You should have better equipment than other players after looting the chest, so hopefully your gameplay will confirm this! Hooray, fucking hooray!This is a tutorial that shows you how to unlock Sokolov’s vault in Warzone to get the   Unlocked gold, the Nakatomi security system, and UNATCO laptop.. Read more about where is the vault in warzone and let us know what you think.

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