How to properly farm Northern Valley in Frostborn

A fairly simple game, Northern Valley can be considered one of the smaller games available in Steam. The world map is small and it’s not very difficult to find a new biome or claim land for your own settlement. However, if you’re looking for something with more substance than Frostborn offers then this guide will help get you on track to farm that northern valley!

Northern Valley is a map in the game Frostborn. It is a very difficult map to farm, but it can be done with proper knowledge of how to do so. This guide will teach you how to properly farm Northern Valley in Frostborn.

So you’ve unlocked a whole new part of the Frostborn map by reaching District lvl. 53 — yay! So, what’s next? Stay with me and I’ll teach you how to farm Northern Valley correctly in Frostborn so you can get the most out of it.

Northern Valley 101 is an introduction to the Northern Valley.

If you’re anything like me, you headed out right immediately to explore Northern Valley (a no-PvP zone), realized a storm was brewing, and walked in anyhow… only to perish in a matter of seconds. There’s no shame in admitting it; we’ve all been there.

You get access to this new region, but the game provides no information about it. First and foremost, farming during storms is completely pointless. Sure, the treasure is greater and there are more resources to harvest, but to survive the storm, you’ll need to drink much too much food and water. It’s a non-viable choice because of this, as well as the fact that the mobs get more stronger during the storm. If you think the no-storm timeframe is too short, you may always try your luck during the storm.

How to Prepare

The first thing you should know is that in order to enter the Northern Valley, you must have an Item Power of 250 or above. However, 250 is the very least; if you can, go a little higher. You’ll have an easier time fighting Ice Brutes and other enemies this way.

That stated, I strongly advise you to prepare in the following manner:

  • Bring two blue weapons and three green weapons with you. Make sure your weapons are appropriate for the class you’ve chosen.
  • Armor: If you carry the above-mentioned weapons, the Quilted Armor should suffice, but you may upgrade to a more powerful armor.
  • You can choose whatever class you like, but certain alternatives will save you money. I usually travel as a Healer since it saves me a lot of money on food and bandages. Another ideal choice is the Hunter, since the increased speed enables you to rapidly flee hordes and, if a bomb is accidentally triggered, you can easily escape it.
  • Maple trees, iron ore, and copper ore abound in the Northern Valley. Bring a Regular Hatchet, a Strong Hatchet, a Regular Pickaxe, a Strong Pickaxe, two Dragon Ales (in case the first Ale’s effect is disabled by a bomb), and a Blue Backpack with you.
  • Two stacks of food, such as carrot stew or beef jerky, and one stack of bandages are recommended as healing goods.

How to properly farm Northern Valley in Frostborn

hints and tips

Each storm in the Northern Valley lasts 45 minutes, giving you a 15-minute window every hour to go in and get as much supplies as you can. That being stated, you should get everything ready so that you can make the most of your 15 minutes.

Keeping oneself warm in the winter

When you enter, you will be protected for five seconds by a shield. During this period, you should drink enough of Dragon Ale, since it will keep you warm.

After that, you’re free to farm as much as you want. There are a few blue bombs strewn throughout the area, and if you tread on one, you’ll forfeit the advantage of the Dragon Ale and have to drink another.

Restarting the game

If you’re looking for certain resources in the Northern Valley, such as Copper Ore or Maple Wood, disregard everything else and go directly for them. After you’ve gathered all of the materials, you’ll need to unlock each and every chest on the map.

Why are you doing that? Apart from the fantastic riches, after all of the chests have been opened, you may leave the area, wait 15 seconds, and then return. This resets the region and all resources reappear, allowing you to farm the Northern Valley two to three times in 15 minutes.

Warn the rest of the players.

Although the Northern Valley is a no-PvP zone, you may encounter other players on occasion. Many players are unaware that they may reset the zone, so if you see the map has run out of the most vital resources, warn them to leave the map for 15 seconds to allow it to reset in the local chat.

The optimum time to plant a garden

The game has a lot of players in the EST timezone, so if you play in that timezone, you’ll probably run across a lot of other Northern Valley gamers.

However, if you want to increase your chances of receiving the treasure and resources you need, attempt to go out of that timezone. I’ve discovered that playing between the hours of 2 and 5 a.m. EST allows me to have the whole map to myself, a.k.a. I’m not obligated to share my spoils.

That is all there is to it. It may seem difficult at first, particularly when trying to mine the blue rocks that produce creatures, but following this tutorial will allow you to effectively farm Northern Valley in Frostborn.

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