How To Unlock Flying Through Bat Form Guide

This guide aims to help players unlock the flying transformation for their bat form. It includes all information needed, from how to get your new power, what it does and other tips on playing with a flying form as well as unlocking it in the first place.

The “v rising bat form not working” is a problem that has been present for a while. The solution to the problem is to unlock flying through bat form guide.

Originally Published: June 13, 2022; Updated: June 13, 2022

Every one of us who like vampires has been drooling over V Rising in 2022. The game with a survival and horror theme has received positive reviews. There are several craftable objects, clever bosses to take down, and mystical abilities to discover.

The various outstanding powers of their character are proving to be a lot of fun for the players. The ability to fly is one of the most practical skills you may acquire in the game. We all like taking to the air and dominating opponents. Flying now plays a significant part in V Rising’s game.

Getting Bat Form will unlock it. The following guide will assist players in understanding Bat Form’s advantages and disadvantages as well as how to get it. 

V Rising - Flying Bat Form Flying Bat Form in V Rising

V Rising: Bat Form’s Uses

Bat Form provides a lot of great advantages. As players cannot be hit when flying, opposition players are worthless. You will be able to access locations that your humanoid form cannot.

Players may scout without worrying about fog, allowing them to easily identify foes, which is a huge advantage. Additionally, in order to battle the late-game boss Winged Horror, you must ascend The Dreaded Peak in the Farbane Woods in Bat Form.

As a result, the Bat Form will be quite helpful as you go through the game. To keep safe and avoid harm from the blazing rays, though, make sure you return to your castle after your excursions before dawn. 

V-Rising-Nightmarshal-StyxV Rising - Nightmarshal Styx Nightmarshal Styx’s V Rising

How to get Bat Form in V Rising

You must battle and defeat Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer in order to enter Bat Form. He is a Level 76 V Blood Carrier that can be found in the Cursed Forest’s thick setting.

Nightmarshal Styx goes all around the Forest in order to hunt, like a few other bosses in the game. Players must approach this fight with great caution since he is a Level 76 boss. Compared to some of the earlier bosses, Nightmarshal Styx will be a significant challenge.

It is suggested that you only battle this foe after reaching Level 75 or above. If you are playing as a group, you may have a chance to fight Nightmarshal Styx at a lower level if everyone is properly prepared.

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Nightmarshal Styx will keep vanishing during the encounter, leaving you to combat ADDs. Make careful to eliminate these ADDs as soon as you can since they will heal gamers after they pass away.

To halt Nightmarshal Styx in his tracks, you need have sufficient firepower and coordination. After defeating the monster, you’ll get the Bat Form, which lets you fly throughout the whole game. 

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