Humankind Destroy City – How to Ransack the City Center

If you have ever played the game “Grand Theft Auto”, then you have seen what a city in disarray looks like. But, as in the game, you know you are not the culprit. The city has been destroyed by the actions of others, and it is up to you to bring order back to the city, and ensure that no one can escape!

As you may have noticed, Civilization 5 has been a very popular game for a long time. The new Civilization 6 has been even more so. On the bright side, this means that a lot of people have had a lot of fun playing Civilization 6. On the minus side, this also means that a lot of people have been playing the same game for a long time, which can get a bit boring. After all, if you play the same game for months and months, you may be tempted to start to feel “bored”.

The Human’s goal is to destroy all the buildings in the City center and then go to the next level, the City Center II. One can do this by landing on the “urban” side of the buildings, only.

You may wind yourself controlling quite a few cities in Humankind, whether via combat or diplomatic demands. However, not all of them will be helpful, and having a city that doesn’t suit your goals push you over the city cap isn’t ideal. Unfortunately, the game features a convoluted method of destroying cities and fails to convey the significance of the Ransack action.

Even if there isn’t a button in Humankind to demolish cities, you’d think you’d be able to reduce them to outposts. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be an option, leaving you with the choice of Ransacking your own cities, at least until you reach the Contemporary Era.

Humankind Destroy City - How to Ransack the City Center

Humankind Destroy City - How to Ransack the City Center

When you click on an army, the side panel for that army appears. Three buttons are located next to the Auto-explore toggle. The one in the center allows you to Ransack valid tiles, typically in exchange for money and the destruction of the structures on them. If you wish to demolish cities in Humankind, move your army to a nearby tile, left-click the Ransack button, then target the City Center and left-click it once again.

Depending on your army and the city you’re assaulting, the activity may take one or more turns. You’ll leave ruins on the tile after it’s finished, and you’ll be able to build a new outpost on it right away. Any trade routes that travel through the city will be stopped as well, giving the players with whom you traded a grievance against you. Any constructed districts remain, although you may Ransack them as well.

There doesn’t seem to be a method to use the Ransack action to destroy enemy cities before occupying them. This entails going to war, launching a siege, and ultimately winning the fight, after which you just follow the procedures outlined above. Liberating a city and forming an autonomous faction would be a more peaceful way to get rid of it.

There doesn’t seem to be any method to convert a city into an outpost right now, but with the proper technology, you might have one city swallow another, similar to how outposts are attached to it.

You may uncover a new method to demolish cities in Humankind if you reach the Contemporary Era. You may pick between Nuclear Disarmament and Nuclear Proliferation in the Nuclear Weapons Civic. Choosing the latter allows you to construct missiles, but they are expensive and the pre-requisite testing need a lot of vacant area, which then becomes wastelands that you can’t utilize.

With a single click, you may launch nuclear missiles against neighboring cities, destroying them and their surrounding areas. There’s even a nice explosion to distract you from the enormous destruction you’ve just created.

These are the methods we’ve discovered so far for destroying a city in Humankind. Did you come across any others? Please let us know in the comments section. Check out the entire list of cultures and their benefits, as well as what you can anticipate in terms of crossplay, for more information on the game.

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