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The “i the inquisitor book jacek” is a fantasy novel that was written by Jacek Dukaj. The book tells the story of an Inquisitor, who has to fight against a god-like being.

I, the Inquisitor is an upcoming action-adventure game set in an alternative 1500s in which Christianity is shown as an angry religion. We don’t often get to play as a cruel inquisitor with complete control over how he punishes non-believers, which is why the game’s release date has been on many gamers’ minds since its announcement.

I, the Inquisitor is based on Jacek Piekara’s novel series of the same name, and follows Mordimer Madderdin, an inquisitor sent to the village of Konigstein. There is a lot of sin there, and Jesus has to judge those who go against the faith while also battling with a far deeper evil from another dimension.

Release Date: I, the Inquisitor

Release Date: I, the Inquisitor - What to Know

Release Date: I, the Inquisitor - What to Know

The Dust, the publisher and developer, has been working on I, the Inquisitor since 2019, but no official release date has been set, despite the fact that the game was initially announced in 2021.

  • Release Date: I, the Inquisitor: Unknown

It released the game’s first gameplay video in late May 2022, giving us a clearer glimpse at the setting and some of the things we’ll be able to do once we walk into Mordimer’s shoes.

The game’s gloomy, gritty tone matches the ethically ambiguous decisions you’ll have to make when you interact with the residents of Konigstein.

You’ll find and question suspects, put together evidence, and utilize the protagonist’s ability to dive into the Unworld to learn about your targets’ secrets. This domain, on the other hand, is home to an evil monster bent on annihilating trespassers.

It’s not just about investigating and asking questions. When I, the Inquisitor is released, players will also be able to brandish their sharp sword and use brutal force to see their investigations through.

We’ll keep an eye on things and update this post as soon as we discover more about the release date for I, the Inquisitor.

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The “i the inquisitor jacek piekara book” is a game that has been released. The release date for the game was on December 7, 2018.

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