Indie MMO TitanReach has apparently suspended development as ‘funds have dried up’

A while back, TitanReach was declared by some to be the MMO that would revolutionize the industry. It promised to be a fully open-world game that was built on the new indie Unreal Engine, with plenty of new features to offer. However, when the game was released in May 2013, there were not enough players to work on the game, and they eventually were forced to suspend development.

While there are plenty of games to choose from on the PC, the world of RPGs is in the hands of MMORPGs, and TitanReach is one of the most popular in the genre. TitanReach—known to gamers only as the game that’s still in development—has had a strange existence in the MMO space. It’s known for its ability to generate millions in funding, but it’s also faced its fair share of controversy.

As of March 23, 2010, TitanReach has been offline for nearly two years, with the announcement of their closure in October of 2009. While the decision to close the project was difficult and the community shares in the pain of this decision, Titans were created in a very unique, and in some ways, special way. As many of you know, we were the independent developer and publisher of TitanReach. We put our entire hearts and souls into developing and publishing the game, and we’re very proud of what we accomplished.. Read more about mmorpg meaning and let us know what you think.

Fans of the indie MMORPG TitanReach will be disappointed to learn that production has been halted due to a lack of financing. Square Root Studios, an Australian company, informed Discord users this morning that it had planned to leverage the game’s development in 2021 to entice outside funding, but that hadn’t worked out in the past month. As a result, the crew is looking for paid employment and reverting TitanReach’s development to a “hobbyist stage,” with the surviving devs not working full-time.

Players should be aware that there will be a game server for those who wish to continue playing the pre-alpha early access, as well as refunds for anyone who purchased the game or credits after August 9th. All of the money that players put in between December and August 8th has been lost.


TitanReach has been on our radar since their $430,000 US Kickstarter campaign failed to raise funds in 2020. Square Root Studios, based in Sydney, then announced plans for Indiegogo; when we mentioned it as an example of how crowdfunding is being used to fund demos for investors, the studio objected, insisting that its Indiegogo would use fixed-funding rather than flexible-funding, which is less problematic.

However, the Indiegogo campaign never materialized, and within a few months, the game’s creators were announcing that it required financing or it would be doomed. The team stated at the time, “If we don’t receive enough money to support our work through January and February until we get genuine financing, then it’s all over.” The introduction of a credit storefront, which was precisely the sort of flexible-funding people had been wary of in the months before, seems to have avoided doom. The studio then made a blunder with a statement regarding its working conditions and worker pay, which it subsequently quietly reversed, and the studio’s community retaliated against the journalists who covered it.

The game was launched in early access with a $70 price tag in spring 2021, but the price has now been reduced after the company announced its ambitious roadmap and intentions to debut in 2022 only two months ago. The early access pre-alpha was also made free to play at the beginning of August, but it doesn’t seem to be enough.

• Indie Multiplayer Online Game • TitanReach’s free-to-play access is live – for a short time • Indie MMO TitanReach’s free-to-play access is live — for a limited time TitanReach is becoming free-to-play till the alpha phase is completed. • TitanReach showcases pets, talks programming, and gives sneak peeks at new props and the Glimmermoore region. More animals, objects, weaponry, and koblin animations are seen in TitanReach. TitanReach introduces new animal models that have seen the unknown. TitanReach teases a new region, launches a wiki, and has improved animated chickens • Character customisation and a PvP island have been added to TitanReach’s newest early access patch update. TitanReach shows off character models, communication, and a UI that looks like it belongs in World of Warcraft • Weekly content updates, new armor, a PvP island, and Glimmermoore upgrades are all promised by TitanReach. TitanReach has begun its early access period. TitanReach demonstrates crafting stations and NPC generation, promising that servers will be ready to go live soon. TitanReach discusses early access financing and how it compensates its employees • TitanReach shows off additional character and weapon models, provides new music, and creates an account system • TitanReach plans to launch its restricted early access on February 28. TitanReach debuts new clothing and environment models, as well as a credit shop and the start of name reservations. TitanReach need financing as soon as possible, or else it will be too late. In the most recent dev blog, TitanReach reveals information about its mission system, new armor, and new terrain. TitanReach resurfaces with a new dev blog full of updates and promises of more communication • TitanReach devs admit their Kickstarter is doomed, opting for Indiegogo instead • Titan Reach offers a second patch for its demo version as its Kickstarter enters the final week • Titan Reach patches in combat stances and a map as its crowdfunding continues

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