King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Traits List & Guide

Whether you’re gearing up for the quest or already completed it, this guide will help you find your favorite gaming traits like how to fight efficiently and which weapons are best.

The “king arthur knight’s tale” is a great game that has been around for many years. It has recently been remade, and it is now available on mobile devices. The game features different traits that are unique to each character class. With this guide, you will be able to find out what the traits are for your characters.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale Traits List & Guide

There are a lot of different traits, both negative and positive, in the game. This King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Traits List & Guide lists all of the different traits we have discovered in the game including information on what benefits they provide or what their negative effects are.

We didn’t test every single character, but we did test a lot of them. Characters have their own attributes, abilities, classes, and traits when they join your party. These Characteristics seem to be set in stone. So redoing missions to attempt to cycle through various Hero Traits is pointless since they seem to be determined prior to recruiting.

Don’t be overly concerned with the bad ones. In King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, you may eliminate bad attributes, so if one or two are very bothersome, there is a way to get rid of them.

List Of Traits From King Arthur’s Knight’s Tale

Name of the Characteristic Effect of a Trait
Quick Metabolism After missions, you may regain 20% of your vitality.
Veteran When designated as Master of Arms in the Training Ground, every hero receives 1% Task XP for each mission completed. Every two levels, the increase is 1%.
Talented Learning active skills only costs one Skill point.
Ambitious Loyalty from court titles is worth 50% more.
Setter of Bones While serving as a Hospitaller in the Hospice, resting enhances HP recovery by 4%. Increases by 2% for each level
Covenant +1 Loyalty for each Christian Hero at the Round Table.
Beloved Injuries require half as much gold to heal.
Brewer of Potions While serving as a Hospitaller in the Hospice, potions heal at a rate of 4% faster. Increases by 2% for each level
Raider Increases the amount of gold found by 10%
The Bridge’s Defender +100% Loyalty from court title The Bridge’s Defender
Progressive XP obtained is increased by 10%.
Fellowship After every other Rightful Hero on your Round Table, get +1 Loyalty.
Mysticist Spellcraft +1
Contacts After each mission in which the Hero does not participate, you will get 100 gold.
Artificer Grants 20 Relic Dust every mission when serving as Master of Magic in the Enchanted Tower.
The Sense of the Sixth +1 Observation
Counter for coins Increases gold earnings for each assignment by 1% when serving as Coin Chandler at Merchant. Every five levels, the increase is 1%.
Quick learner At the Training Grounds, he gains XP 50% quicker.
Armoursmith Increases the amount of Armor recovered while resting by 6% when Court Chandler is at Merchant. Increases by 2% for each level
Lost Poison and Bleeding Damage Immune
Allegiance Loyalty +6
Tough Injuries recover in one less round.
Tinkering with Armor When resting, they regain an extra 20% of their maximum armor.
Drillmaster Increases Heroes’ physical debuff resist by 1% when assigned as Man At Arms in Training Ground.
Loyal +3 Loyalty +3 Loyalty +3 Loyalty +
Tyranny After every other Tyrant Hero on the Round Table, get +1 Loyalty.
Deputy Tax Collector Grants 60 Gold after each mission while serving as Grand Maser at the Round Table.
Healthful +20% Vitality from Accessories & Trinkets
Tradesman Increases the quantity of things supplied by the Merchant by 1 per 10 levels when serving as Court Chandler at the Merchant.
Virtuous While serving as Grand Master of the Round Table, all Rightful Heroes get +1 Loyalty.
Relaxed When you relax, your body heals 20% faster.
Tutor Increases all Heroes’ mental debuff resistance by 4% when designated as Master of Arms of the Training Ground.
The Dead’s Guardian After each Hero in the Crypt, get +1 Loyalty.
Singer of Psalms When chosen Master of Faith in the Cathedral, each Christian Hero gains +1 Loyalty.
Thankful +1 Loyalty for each piece of equipment Relic
Strong-Minded +20 resistance to mental debuffs
Skilled Every 5 levels, the Hero gains a +1 Skill Point.
Wise If no Vitality was lost throughout a task, you’ll get an extra 10% XP.
Ascetic +10% XP if no Vitality is lost throughout a task
Bolsterer When a Hero is designated as Master of Faith in the Cathedral, he receives 2 Temp HP at the start of each mission.
Popular Hospice Healing Vitality is 50% less expensive.
Agile +1 AP Movement
Progressive XP is increased by 10%.
Sacrificer While serving as Master of Magic in the Enchanted Tower, all Old Faith Heroes get an extra 2 Loyalty.
Grateful +2 Loyalty if all of this Hero’s gear is relic.

The Legend of King Arthur: A Knight’s Tale List Of Negative Characteristics

Name of the Characteristic Effect of a Trait
Stubborn -1 Loyalty if you begin a quest with less than full Vitality.
Soft Injuries will take one additional round to recover.
Mission-Conscious Court Titles Have No Loyalty
Baptized If an Old Faith choice is taken during a mission, you will lose one loyalty point.
Unpopular This Hero’s Healing Vitality at the Hospice is 100 percent more expensive.
Restless If you are available but not picked for a task, you will get a -1 loyalty rating.
Secure Only goes on missions when he is at full vitality and there are no injuries.
Hated Injuries cost 100 percent more to heal.
Lazy It’s not possible to complete three missions in a row.
Exposed Always suffers from Major Injuries rather than Minor Injuries.
Disloyal -3 Trustworthiness
Missionary -1 Loyalty for each Round Table member of the Old Faith
Sober Potions aren’t available.
Greed If this Hero’s equipment slots aren’t all relics, he loses -2 loyalty.
Frugal You can only utilize one potion slot at a time.
Vulnerable The number of injury tokens has dropped by one.
Conservative Active Skills require 3 Skill Points to learn.
Righteous After missions with a Tyrant Hero, you will get a -1 Loyalty.


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The “king arthur knight’s tale guide” is a list of traits that can be found in the game King Arthur: The Knight’s Tale. This list will help players find what traits they need to complete their quest.

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