League of Legends Patch 12.9 Notes – Release Date, EDG

The next League of Legends patch is coming, and with it comes a load of new content in the form of our first Legendary skin. Alongside that, we’ve got some minor changes on top for champions like Jinx, Aatrox and more

“League of Legends Patch 12.9 Notes – Release Date, EDG” is a patch that was released on the 17th of December 2017. It includes changes to the game’s graphics and gameplay. Read more in detail here: league of legends patch notes.

This is where we’ll go through everything that’s new and different in Patch 12.9 for League of Legends.

Patch 12.9 for League of Legends is on its way to the PBE for a two-week testing period. Its release date, as well as new skins from the EDG and High Noon lines, are revealed in the patch notes.

Riot Games releases updates for its famous MOBA on a regular basis, which is why a patch calendar is required to keep track of when the next one is coming. The release date for LoL Patch 12.9 has been scheduled for Wednesday, May 11th, which is when the modifications that have passed testing will be implemented on live servers.

Patch 12.9 for League of Legends

The following 11 new skins are available on the PBE: EDG Aphelios (1350 RP), EDG Graves (1350 RP), EDG Viego (1350 RP), EDG Yuumi (1350 RP), EDG Zoe (1350 RP), High Noon Katarina (1350 RP), High Noon Leona (1820 RP), High Noon Mordekaiser (1350 RP), High Noon Talon (1350 RP), High Noon Talon Prestige (1350 RP).

Patch 12.9 for League of Legends Notes - Release Date, EDG and High Noon Skins, and More

Patch 12.9 for League of Legends Notes - Release Date, EDG and High Noon Skins, and More

Closer to launch, the LoL 12.9 maintenance plan is always announced. Patches are often delivered across many areas in roughly 3 hours. Checking our League of Legends Server Status page is a great method to stay up to date on server unavailability due to patch deployment or other issues.

Taliyah is on track to receive a mid-scope update in LoL Patch 12.9, receiving nerfs to burst damage, various usability improvements, and more. Olaf is also scheduled to receive a similar update unless plans change.

The first Patch 12.9 for League of Legends balance changes, as spotted by Surrender at 20, target Pyke and Sion.

Changes to the Champion Balance in League of Legends 12.9

Pyke has been nerfed.

Skewer of Bones (Q):

  • Mana cost raised from 50/55/60/65/70 to 74/78/82/86/90.

Sion has been nerfed.

Death’s Glory (Passive):

  • Damage to structures is now decreased by 50%.

More modifications are anticipated in the coming weeks. We’ll update this post as soon as we learn of any new information, so check back often to stay informed about any nerfs, boosts, and adjustments.

League of Legends is a free-to-play PC game that is currently accessible.

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