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What will be your first in a series of playable characters to romance?

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Published on May 26, 2022 and updated on May 26, 2022.

Early access to the newest installment in the My Time series is now available. It’s called My Time at Sandrock, and it’s the sequel to My Time at Portia. Collecting materials, crafting, and farming are all features that the game shares with its predecessor. In the arid settlement of Sandrock, you play as Builder.

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It has a larger terrain with single-player and multiplayer modes. The majority of the characters are citizens of Sandrock and a few new destinations. ‘Romance’ is one of the game’s most important elements. Any qualified candidate may be dated and married by the players. Gender is irrelevant in this game. Every character, however, cannot be romanced and wedded. 

My Time at Sandrock Early Access Release Date Set

Romance was a big part of my time at Sandrock.

In the long run, the game contains various characters that may be romanced and wedded. To make their tale arc more realistic, they will have their own unique plots.

In the Social tab of the Menu, almost every relationship character has a “relationship meter.” It’s constructed up entirely of hearts. Because the game is still in production, Burgess, Catori, Unsuur, and Justice Miguel have not yet gotten this.

Furthermore, Jane has yet to be incorporated to the game, while Venti is still in the early stages of development as a character. The following is a complete list of characters in My Time at Sandrock who may be romanced and married: 


  • Arvio: He is Amirah’s brother, and the two of them run the ‘By the Stairs’ general shop.
  • Burgess: A member of the Church of the Light who looks after the Water Shop as well. Furthermore, if players chop trees or cactuses on his patrols, he will catch you. 
  • Fang: An enigmatic doctor who is accompanied by his raven, X.
  • Owen: The proprietor of Blue Moon Saloon and a well-known person in Sandrock. 
  • Miguel is the pastor of the Church of the Light and is a smart figure. 
  • Pen is a Sandrock vigilante who also works as the Church of the Light’s Enforcer. 
  • Ernest is an Atara writer who has relocated to Sandrock in order to learn more about Logan’s narrative. 
  • Qi is a reclusive guy who is obsessed with his profession and is a scientist. 
  • Unsuur: A Civil Corps member who is a mystery person.
  • Justice is the sheriff of Sandrock and the Civil Corps’ commander. 

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  • Heidi is a professional architect who also writes in her spare time. She is the proprietor of Construction Junction and the granddaughter of Vivi, the tailor. She is the daughter of Hugo, the blacksmith, and granddaughter of Vivi, the tailor. 
  • Jane is a schoolteacher who has just returned to Sandrock after a period of absence. 
  • Catori: Catori is a businesswoman who owns the Golden Goose entertainment complex and Catori’s Museum. She was born in Atara. 
  • Amirah is Arvio’s younger sister and a potter. She is the proprietor of Ceramic Gate and is from Barnarock. 
  • Elsie: She is Cooper’s rancher’s daughter and an excellent horseback rider with boundless enthusiasm. 
  • Grace is the Blue Moon Saloon’s chef. 
  • Mi-an is a Tallsky native who, like the player, is a Builder. 
  • Venti: We don’t have any information on her yet. 

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