Lord of the Rings Online admits PvP scene is ‘at a crossroads,’ releases 15th anniversary soundtrack

Legends of Norrath, the 15th anniversary celebration for Lord of the Rings Online, has released a new soundtrack. The album features music from artists such as C418 and KT Tunstall.

The “lord of the rings online expansions free” is an article about the 15th anniversary of Lord of the Rings Online. The article talks about how the game’s PvP scene is at a crossroads and that they released a soundtrack for their anniversary.

Allan “Orion” Maki, a newly rehired Lord of the Rings Online programmer, appeared on the forums this week to discuss the game’s PvP environment (also known as “monster play”). He acknowledged that the MMO’s much-less-played section is “at a crossroads” and in desperate need of some development TLC.

“Monster play is becoming old, and the haphazard alterations that occurred around the time of Riders of Rohan actually hurt the space,” Maki said. “Performance concerns have plagued the zone from its establishment, and although they are not unique to the Ettenmoors, they have a bigger effect. While Vastin has addressed player power creep, it continues to resurface as players’ edge higher and the feature’s intrinsic inequity rears its ugly head once again.”

Maki recommended numerous system improvements, such as repositioning different terrain objects and lowering incoming healing, although he encouraged player feedback.

In other LOTRO news, Standing Stone Games published a “triple album soundtrack” of game music that incorporates highlights from the previous few years of score updates as part of the already incredible 15th anniversary festivities. If youngsters these days know what a CD is, the music may be downloaded for free and put into three CDs.


The “rift” is a game that was released in 2004 and has since been updated multiple times. The 15th anniversary soundtrack was released on September 20, 2018.

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