Lost Ark has been delayed to ‘early 2022’ with closed beta in November

The developer behind Lost Ark – a game that required players to solve puzzles and navigate ancient temples – is reportedly delaying the game’s release to “early 2022” and shutting down the game’s community.

The makers of Lost Ark have pulled the wraps off their next game, Lost Ark: Definitive Edition, which will be delayed to “early 2022” with a closed beta in November.

Bethesda has announced that the closed beta for the multiplayer survival adventure Lost Ark will launch in November, and will be followed by a full release in early 2022. The decision to delay the beta comes less than a year after the game’s sale and transition to Early Access on Steam and other platforms, and comes amid a significant update to the game’s alpha release. “In November, we’re going to have a [closed] beta [timed] to something that would be out in late October,” said Howard Grefenstette, studio art director at Arkane Studios. “The idea is to test all of the systems that we’ve been iterating on, to be able to have a better experience for. Read more about lost ark closed beta date and let us know what you think.

Despite releasing founder packs and hosting a huge closed alpha in June, Lost Ark has been rather silent in recent weeks. MMO fans may remember that the Smilegate MMOARPG was set to debut under the Amazon brand this autumn. That won’t happen, as the studios confirmed today that the game’s western release would be postponed until 2022.

“As we dug deeper into all of the great feedback and data generated by our Alpha, as well as reviewing recent changes to the Korean version that we want to include in our release, we discovered that there is still a lot more work to be done in order to launch Lost Ark at the high quality bar our players deserve. We want to take the time to do it properly since our gamers have been waiting so long, while also safeguarding the health of our dedicated Amazon Games and Smilegate staff. With that in mind, we’ve taken the difficult choice to delay the release of Raiders of the Lost Ark until early 2022.”

For those that purchased founder packs or got fortunate with signups, the closed beta test will now take place in early November (4th through 9th). Along the way, Smilegate promises to “improve the quality and frequency of [its] communications,” with forums, a Discord channel, and a content creation program in the works.

Please take the time to read this message on the Lost Ark Closed Beta and Official Launch. pic.twitter.com/jSSnrrxk6w

1 September 2021 — Lost Ark (@PlayLostArk)


It’s not too late to get in on the Lost Ark beta. If you missed out, you still have time to join in, but the wait is almost over. As the team behind Lost Ark prepares for the big day, they’ve also been preparing to reveal their plans for the game’s development. Starting with next week’s closed beta, the team will be sharing more details about the game, including the next steps for Lost Ark’s development.. Read more about lost ark closed beta date na and let us know what you think.

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