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In the original Mario Golf game for the Game Boy Advance, the main character (Mario) would swing a golf club, hit a ball, and knock out the other character (Peach) in a fair and square match. The game also included a co-op mode, where Mario and Peach would work together to clear the course of enemies. In this game, Mario’s character can now swing a golf club, hit a ball, and knock out the other character (Luigi) in a fair and square match. This game has the same multiplayer co-op mode the original Mario Golf game had. This time, when Mario and Luigi play together, the game is more about running around, shooting enemies, taking out the bad guys and

The story starts on the evil Monarch Bowser’s invasion of Princess Peach’s castle, where the Princess is being held captive. In the midst of the chaos, however, the kidnapped Princess is swept away through a handy pipe. [Note: the above image is nothing to do with the story. It’s just a cute picture]

Mario Golf: Super Rush clubs is a golf game available for the Nintendo 3DS, Wii and Wii U. This golf game is mainly for the golfing fanatics among you who want to step up the game. The game brings a whole new level of depth to the golfing genre, with a unique mini golf experience. Finally we reach the point where the mini golfing experience is not just about shooting the ball down the course but also about taking control of it, making it a smooth ride with a fair shot.

Mario Golf : Super Rush is packed with free to play clubs, 44 to be exact. Most game clubs have special skills and strategies that bring variety to the game. Sure, most of them are generic and have no interesting skills, but the ones that can be purchased are much cooler. They can be purchased in various card shops with the coins you collect during the game. This list describes where you can find each racket, its price and, of course, its special features.

All clubs in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Golf club with driver

  • Standard driver: This is a starting club that can be obtained automatically from the caddy master. He has no special skills.
  • Banana-shaped driver: This driver can be purchased at the Balmy Dunes store for 600. This gives the shot a curve in the direction that depends on your dominant hand. If you are right-handed, it is bent to the left. If you are left handed, it will be bent to the right.
  • Driver Banana Fade: This driver can also be purchased for 600 coins at Balmy Dunes. It looks like the Banana Draw driver, but bends in the opposite direction. Right-handed players receive a right-handed folding disc and left-handed players receive a left-handed folding disc.
  • Super Mushroom Driver: The Super Mushroom Driver produces a strong topspin on the ball. It’s on sale at Bonny Greens for 1,200.
  • Chip driver: You can buy this driver in the Wildweather forest for 1500 coins. The recordings of this driver are not affected by precipitation.

Wooden golf clubs

  • Standard 3 wood, 5 wood, 7 wood and 9 wood: These four clubs are provided to you free of charge by Caddie Master. They are all standard clubs without much skill.
  • Green bowl 3 trees : This 3 wood is also free, but it comes with a capacity. He is able to make low trajectory shots that can go over water obstacles. Master Stinger will give it to you.
  • Lakitu 5 wood: This putter can be purchased for 1,000 at the Ridgerock Lake Store. Swinging into the wind is ideal, as your shots will be more sensitive to the wind.
  • Bull’s Eye Bill 5 Woods: On the other hand, this Wood 5 beats against the wind. It can be purchased at Balmy Dunes for 1500 coins and is ideal if you are swinging into the wind.
  • Dry Bones Shell 3 Wood : This putter hits with a very low trajectory that can bounce off bunkers. It costs 1,500 at the Balmy Dunes store.
  • Red 3 wooden bowl : The Red Shell 3 blade is capable of hitting on and in the waste areas with a low trajectory. It can be purchased in Wildweather Woods for 1,500 coins.
  • Blue 3 wooden bowl : The last 3 beams can be purchased in the Bowser Highlands store for 1500 coins. It can hit the snow with a low trajectory.

Hybrid golf clubs

  • Standard 3 Hybrid, 4 Hybrid, 5 Hybrid and 6 Hybrid: These are the four standard hybrid clubs that are provided free of charge. They will be given to you, as usual, by the Master Caddie.
  • Banana Draw 5 Hybrid : Like the Banana Draw 5 Driver, it can be purchased for 600 coins at Bonny Greens. Right-handers have a left curve and left-handers a right curve.
  • Banana Fade Hybrid 5: Bonnie Greens’ store. 600 pieces. For right-handers the lines bend to the right and for left-handers they bend to the left.
  • Lightning 6 Hybrid : With this hybrid, you can avoid lightning strikes. It can be purchased in Wildweather Woods for 600 coins.
  • Shotgun 4 Hybrid : For 1,200 coins, the Bullet Bill makes 4 hybrid shots that are more windproof than usual. You can find it at the Ridgerock Lake Store.
  • Goomba 3 Hybrid : Pictures taken with this hybrid are not affected by ice. It costs 1,500 coins and is sold in the Bowser Highlands store.

Iron golf clubs

  • Standard 3 iron, 4 iron, 5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron and 9 iron: All these clubs are provided to you free of charge by the Caddie Master. Like all his free clubs, they do nothing special.
  • 9-iron with boomerang traction: This iron bends the lines to the right if you are left-handed or to the left if you are right-handed. It can be purchased at the Ridgecrock Leith store for 600 pieces.
  • Irons 9 Boomerang Fade : The Boomerang Fade 9 Iron can be purchased for 600 at the Ridgerock Lake Store. Right-handers will experience a sharp right turn when striking, left-handers a sharp left turn.
  • Lightning 8 Iron: You will not be struck by lightning when using this putter. It can be purchased for 600 coins in Wildweather Woods.
  • Bullet Bill 7 Irons: As with other ball clubs, your strokes are less affected by the wind. It can be purchased in Balmy Dunes for 1,200 coins.

Golf clubs with wedges

  • Standard pitching wedge, approach wedge and sand wedge: These three wedges have no special skills and are given to you by the caddy master.
  • The front of the hold: With the Loba Wedge you received from Master Loba, you can – you guessed it – perform Loba Strikes.
  • A miniature mushroom: Using this racquet will increase your backspin and super backspin power. It costs 800 coins and can be purchased at Bonny Greens.
  • Piranha Plant approach wedge: With 800 coins, you can buy a wedge that makes it much easier to hit into the dirt or deep bumps. You can find it at the Ridgerock Lake Branch.
  • Pokey Sand Wedge: You can buy this Pokey Sand Wedge at the Balmy Dunes store for 800. This ensures better control in the bunkers.
  • Petey Piranha Pitching Wedge: This wedge improves the control of latrine punches. It costs 800 coins and can be purchased in the Wildweather forest.
  • Ice Bro Approach Wedge: Like the others, this one costs 800 coins. This wedge, available at Bowser Highlands, gives you more control over snow and ice.

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