Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go’s June events bring slowpoke days and poison pvp buffs

Pokemon GO is celebrating its first birthday in June, and the game is still going strong. This month, the game will introduce new “races” of Pokemon, and players have been waiting for them with bated breath. One of the most anticipated additions to GO is the return of the Slowpoke, a Pokemon with a big belly which makes it slower than other Pokemon.

The month of June is finally here, and Pokemon Go players are gearing up for the long-awaited release of the wonderful new features that have been announced at the Pokemon Go Community Day. It’s going to be a slow month for those who rely on Pokemon Go for downtime in their quest to catch all of the pokémon in the world.

The summer series is a monthly event where Pokemon Go updates the game with new events and the introduction of new Pokemon. This month is all about Eevee. The new Eevee evolution Pokemon (in Pokemon Go) is a baby Pokemon that can evolve into Espeon, Umbreon, or Leafeon.

Oh, yeah, summer. Relaxing on the beach, getting bitten in the tail or head by shells to trigger an evolution, perhaps venturing into English territory and getting bitten by a poisonous species….. It seems like a normal summer for the bear family, but that’s just a small part of what’s in store for Pokemon Go players in June. Not only do we see a change in attitude towards Mega Raiders, but also the introduction of Galarian Slowback, Galarian Slowbro, and Mega Slowbro, making them 6th and 8th level representatives. The generation does (no word yet on the Galaria delay). We will also see Gen 5 Mienfoo as a Rank 5 PvP prize, starting with the start of Season 8 on the 31st. May. But June and Season 8 don’t just bring new Pokémon; there’s even more to discover in this edition of Massively on the Go. Poison-type Pokémon have been around for a long time in Pokemon Go. The game was released without the poison stat to remove XP, and stat changes are still limited to PvP and missile battles. However, Niantic will be rebalancing some of the gif techniques for PvP. While various buffs for damage and energy cost are in development, the big news will be when they are applied to movement buffs/debuffs or when their effects are added. For example, Acid Spray always reduced the defender’s defense by two levels, but the cost was high. Poison fans can hope to make it cheaper, but they can also use Poison Fang – a cheaper cooldown move – which reduces defense by one level. Cross-Poison does more damage, but it also gives your Pokémon’s attack a better chance of reaching two levels. There are no damage effects over time yet, but the changes make it seem like Niantic is starting to realize that the gif theme needs to be menacing. We just need to translate that to the PvE aspect of the game. But Poison isn’t the only one who is loved in PvP. The Fly Feather Dance, which appears on Pidgeot, will be a new attack that weakens enemy attacks, and a rock version of the Weather Ball will give Hippowdon another tool against flying. And Ariados, a generally rare pickup/kid, gets access to Lunge, which will hopefully increase his usefulness. The damage of Focus Blast, which was previously weakened, has been increased. Let’s see if Niantic has mastered it yet. In addition, Niantic is offering Corrina-related clothing at ranks 21 (gloves), 22 (shoes), 23 (clothing), and 24 (pose). This will spread the rewards across more ranks and, in my opinion, motivate people to continue in PvP, whereas the previous exclusive rewards only appeared from rank 24. It’s a nice change that, to my surprise, didn’t exist yet. Don’t worry, non-PVP fans, there’s still good news for you. If Mega Slowbro, our first Pyschik-type Mega, isn’t interesting enough for you, the news that the Mega will only spawn one species might be good news for you. Sure, it seems like Mega Farms are only mined on the first day or so to give people enough energy to unlock the ability to run a Pokémon for extra energy, but it helps people find other players for Mega Farms faster. Don’t you like Megs? Don’t worry about it. Regis will be back in town at 6 p.m. on Wednesday: Regirock comes out on June 2, Registeel on June 8. June and Regice on the 16th. June. The 23rd and 30th. Several Pokémon will be featured in June, but those have yet to be determined. I think it will either be one of the other legendary trios (like the Beards or the Beasts) or a legendary duo like Kyogre/Groudon or Latias/Latios. Speaking of secrets: Niantic has announced that followers of the 25. June to June 1. Juli can move his two front teeth inward when something unexpected happens. Since 1. July is Canada Day, so the Beaver Tribe’s Pokemon Bidoof might be doing something special. It’s probably too much of a stretch for Niantic to acknowledge the legendary and unofficially perfect Peanut Butter Bidoof, but I expect fans will find art if the Beaver gets special treatment from Niantic. word-image-15010 As for the special booth, the aforementioned sloppers will be from 8 to 13. June will have its time, with not only Galarian variants and the Mega Slowbro edition, but also a collectible quest and other lazy Pokémon. I bet there will be more Snorlax and the Slack family. Galarian Ponita will also come from 7k eggs and will be on the schedule from 1 to 8. June to be investigated to compensate for having their glow accidentally extinguished. There is also a summer/winter solstice that corresponds to your hemisphere that occurs on the 17th. The month of June is starting, but for the details we have to wait until the 16th. June, wait. As usual, a new month means new Rocket activity, and while Zapdos will be on the 1st. June will be a backup target, we’re told Giovani will be a backup target from the 17th. June has new Pokémon. Hmm, coincides with the solstice. This sounds suspicious, but again, we’ll have to wait and see for more details. However, this month’s Spotlight hours, on Tuesdays at 6pm, are not very interesting. The 1. June will be Dwebble with a double XP socket. The eighth. June is Abra and Double Sweetness, so those who are gearing up for Mega Alakazam can get busy growing their perfect yellow companion, and those who have had enough can just use their Meltan boxes to get even more Meltan sweetness. The 15th. In June, it’s time for boredom for those who aren’t already tired of the little guy (or want more XL Candy to charge up their new Meg), and you’ll get double the amount of Candy to carry the Pokémon. Swinub will be on the 22nd. June takes center stage and you’ll get double XP for your Pokémon’s evolution, but it’s actually about mining XL candy, as Swinub’s final form is one of the best ice-type attacks. And finally, on the 29th. June the Aipom projector, which isn’t as interesting, but hey, it’s also double stardust from the plug, so there’s that too. Talk about stardust. This month’s research breakthrough is Clamperl, a universally rare Pokémon worth more than stardust. The bonus breakout will also be the source of passes for ranged raids this month (and will be in addition to the normal limit of 5), and we’ll get more xp for reasons Niantic will explain later. In case you haven’t heard, 6. June is the day of the Gible community. It is an excellent Dragon Pokémon, although its CD move is Earth Power, which makes it an even better Earth Pokémon. It’s also a good investment because it’s a Pokémon that will take Mega form, so maybe you’ll choose your favorite Mega Dragonmon (Mega Alteria, Mega Ampharos, or Mega Charizard X) to help you grow candy. It’s not a pretty bill, but it will carry weight with your team, trust me. word-image-15011 Andrew Ross ofMassively OP is a recognized Pokemon geek and ARG expert. Nobody knows Niantic and Nintendo like he does! In his column Massively on the Go, he talks about Pokemon Go, but also other mobile MMOs and augmented reality games! word-image-15012 ViewPokemon Go has done a lot for the mobile games industry, bringing the game to a wider audience and spawning a multi-million dollar business for the games’ maker. But one of the game’s creator’s biggest priorities is ensuring the social aspect of the game isn’t lost in the success of the mobile game. The game’s developer has started pushing out yearly events and seasonal events to bring players back to the game.. 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