My Time At Sandrock | How To Get Bronze Pickhammer On First Day

Sandrock is a new map released in Call of Duty: WWII that features the Battle of Normandy. This guide walks you through how to get bronze pickhammer on your first day playing Sandrock, including a strategy and tips for getting an edge over other players.

In “my time at sandrock,” you start off as a new miner in the town of Sandrock. You are given a pickaxe on your first day, and it is recommended that you try to get bronze pickhammers on your first day. The game is made by Mojang, so if you’re looking for some Minecraft-like fun, this game might be perfect for you.

Date published: June 8, 2022 | Date last updated: June 8, 2022

This article will teach you how to earn a fashionable Pickhammer on the first day of the game My Time At Sandrock so you can pound those waste mounds with ease. Yes, I recognize that there is no need to speed up the game; nonetheless, given the current state of stamina use, I designed this strategy in order for my future heroes to get off to a quicker start and spend less time on the bench. Take a look at the video below.

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In my time at Sandrock, I learned how to get a bronze pickhammer on the first day.

I suggest slowing down the game to allow for this method since it might take a long time on the first day. If you squander time or stamina on other resources, you may not have enough time or stamina to complete the Bronze Pickhammer.

The First Stage

There is a workshop between Tailor Made and By The Stairs that has a bronze ingot on the furnace outside on occasion, but this technique does not need it. If you come across Owen, ask him for some complimentary stamina food so you can complete the scrap later in the day.

The earlier you get your Bronze into the furnace, the more time you’ll have to utilize it at the end of the day. Make a character and go to the options menu and lower the game speed to 0.5.

Prerequisites for the workshop

Finish the narrative quest until you’re told to construct a Pickhammer. Collect as much as you can from the three rubbish heaps around your workshop (5-7 wood/5-7 stone). Make a primitive Pickhammer (2 Wood/4 Stone) on the Worktable.

Dig gravel boulders along the railway lines that lead to a little grove of trees distant from the station. You’ll keep mining until you’ve collected 4 quartz, 26 stone, and 8 dinas. Keep a bunch of throwing pebbles in your hand. Grab any Desert Mushrooms you come across while in the woods and hold onto them.

Pendant with a wolf tooth

Head towards the broken Windmill with 15 wood from the Wood Piles behind your workshop. To conserve energy, you may break tumbleweeds by slamming against them. After you have 15 wood, go beyond the windmill, following the fence on the left, and leaping off the cliff to a cave entrance with two Rocket Roosters.

Continue into the cave entrance, along the passage, and turn left into a room when it splits into two paths. Parkour up the left side wall to a chest once inside the room. If you’d like to, get a Pendant with a wolf tooth.

Yan’s Return

Don’t worry about anything else; you can return at a later date. Yan’s Return in town by following the mission sign. Pick up any trash on the ground for Dregs while you’re in town. Send in your mission. To make Recycler, continue on to the next task.

2 stone troughs, 3 wood troughs, and 2 grinding saws. Yan’s Return and hand in the mission. Sell the Pendant with a wolf tooth to the Commerce Guild Store while you’re inside (the cash register). You should now have 169 Gols in your possession.

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Eufala Salvage is a salvage company based in Eufala,

Instead of going to Register your Workshop, return to Eufala Salvage is a salvage company based in Eufala, and enter the little structure there. Purchase 15 copper ore and 10 tin ore for 140 Gols at the inside shop register.

Return to the Workshop and build a Furnace (4 x quartz, 2 x stone trough, 2 x wooden stick) using the Assembly Station. To make 5 bronze bars, use Dregs or power stones as fuel. Continue to seek for a method to sign up for your Workshop.

Arvio’s Shop is a store owned by Arvio.

While in town, speak with Arvio (often running about town or at his business, By the Stairs) and Vivi (often inside her home or at her shop, Tailor Made) to acquire a Simple Wooden Chair and a Silk Scarf. Complete the quick combat tutorial with Pen to get 100 XP.

You Must Collect These Chests

After naming and registering your workshop, go upstairs to the Town Hall and grab the +5 Water chest. Look for the following chests while you’re outside:

  • Chest of the Miner’s Dorm (+100 gols)
  • (+50 gols) Chest in the Church’s Rear
  • (+1 Diamond) Chest in the Stone Archway
  • Aim carefully with one of the throwing pebbles you found opposite the stairs to the Research Center (+50 gols) at the flying chest.  
  • A chest containing +2 gold may be found near the barbershop.
  • Balcony Chest at Blue Moon Saloon (+50 gols)
  • Stable above the chest (with Bone Necklace)

Hurry over to Arvio’s Shop is a store owned by Arvio. and sell the Simple Wooden Chair, Silk Scarf, Bone Necklace, Diamond, and Gold Ore. You can sell Desert Mushrooms or a Shiny Scorpion if you got lucky and obtained a Shiny Scorpion drop instead of any of the following goods. You’ll require 550 gols.

Work in the Workshop

Hammer Time sells a Sharpening Stone and two copper screws. Return to your Workshop and use the +5 water you found to refill your water tank.

While you wait for your bronze to smelt, continue your quest. Once the debris has melted, you may spend the remainder of your endurance to mine it in the yard or around your workshop area.

Thank you for your Bronze Pickhammer!

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