New Gothic 1 Remake Screenshots Revealed, More Information Coming Soon

The original New Gothics 1 was released in 1996, but it has been nearly two decades since the game has seen a release. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the remake for many years, but no official announcements have been made. Now, thanks to a few new screenshots, we can see just how the game will look when it is available.

A few weeks ago, I posted about a reboot of New Gothic 1, the original RPG that started it all for me. I got a few questions about the game, so I figured I’d just post up some of my first playthrough/translation screenshots. If I get around to it, I’ll also post up some of the game’s original design documents.

Just a few days ago, a small piece of artwork surfaced online featuring a lonely castle, a long-haired man, and a woman with a headscarf on. This image was later revealed to be part of a remastered version of New Gothic, a classic RPG title released in 2000 by Ascaron.

The teaser for the Gothic game was released in late 2019, though it wasn’t very good. It’s not a 100% exact replica of the original creature either, but it looks much better than the previous one. Hopefully the remake of Gothic 1 will do more justice to the game with its animations and sounds. In addition to the aforementioned concept art, publisher THQ Nordic has also revealed that the Gothic 1 remake now has its own page on Steam where you can request the game. There’s no official release date yet, but we do have a bunch of new screenshots. You will also find a short description of the game and its main features. The main conclusion is that it will be a complete and exact remake of the original Gothic 1 game. Presumably this means that the developers won’t take too many liberties with the game like they did with the Playable teaser. Which received mixed reviews.

Myrtana or Myrtle-na?

A while back I wrote an article about the good, the bad and the ugly of the Gothic game teaser. You can read it here. While I’m happy that one of my favorite games is getting a remake, the teaser didn’t give me much hope that it would be a faithful remake. Or even a good one, for that matter. First and foremost, it was announced that the project was not being run by Piranha Bytes, but by the new studio THQ Barcelona, which was recently renamed Alkimia Interactive. Second, and most importantly, the teaser looks nothing like Gothika. After the recent news, I can say that I’m a bit more (cautiously) optimistic about the future of the Gothic 1 remake. Judging by the screenshots on the recently launched Steam page, The Colony now looks grimmer and more atmospheric. A good sign that the developers have taken fan feedback to heart. Unfortunately, there is only one screenshot showing the characters, but it gives some important details. word-image-15203 The new version of the Nameless Hero already looks better in this more streamlined and practical outfit than the flowered one we saw in the teaser. Let’s hope he gets a better dubbing too. It’s hard to tell from the angle, but the other character in the screenshot appears to be Diego. Maybe. Diego is another character who looked ridiculous in the teaser, and he could use a serious makeover to get closer to the original version. Honestly, it would have been a big improvement if he had been given shadow armor and looked less like a weird fantasy musketeer.

Finally a good fight?

Piranha Bytes has always struggled with the combat system. The people who made the teaser wanted to move away from the old combat systems of the past and create a new one, but it didn’t really work. In fact, the combat system in the teaser, which is inspired by For Honor, is arguably worse than anything we’ve seen before from Piranha Bytes. Sure, the battles in the original game were awkward and unintuitive at first, but eventually you learn how to do it if you practice enough. By comparison, the battles in the game’s teaser were probably the most frustrating part of the entire experience. But maybe things have improved since then. The Steam page mentions that the Gothic 1 remake will feature an updated combat system that transfers key points from the original combat system to the modern era. Of course, that’s a pretty vague description. But the fact that it is mentioned as one of the main features shows that the developers recognize the importance of the combat system. In theory, it’s a good idea to take inspiration from For Honor. The battles in the game are similar to those in Gothic, in that they mainly focus on timing and targeted attacks/blocks. The problem is that the battles in games like For Honor, Kingdom Come: Deliverance of Mordhau mainly revolves around 1v1 duels against human opponents. This doesn’t really fit with a game like Gothic, where you spend much more time fighting different creatures. Especially in the first half of the game. We have no information on how Alkimia Interactive will fill out the combat system, but hopefully they manage to make it entertaining. Or at least reasonable.

New information will follow shortly™

While we’ve only had a glimpse of the Gothic 1 remake’s progress so far, any new information is now welcome. The good news is that more information will be available soon, according to THQ Nordic. But as is so often the case in these matters, we don’t understand exactly what soon means. But now that Gothic 1 Remake has a community channel on Discord, you can check it out for the latest news. We will certainly monitor the situation. Stay informed! word-image-15204 I’m a classic writer who likes to write about all subjects, but games have always been my forte. Still, I wouldn’t pass up the chance to deliver juicy news about superhero movies, Stephen King novels or space travel. Or robots. Or space superhero robots dressed like Stephen King.New Gothic is an upcoming remake of the original Gothic by Piranha Bytes, the original Gothic being a game that brought 3D isometric gaming to the masses. It was extremely popular when it was released in 2004, and now the game is getting a remake. The developer has released a new batch of screenshots that give us a good idea of what to expect from the upcoming game.. Read more about gothic playable teaser download and let us know what you think.

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