Old School RuneScape talks Android open beta, new quest, and future content

The RuneScape team has released a new quest, and it looks like they’ve got more in store. The developers have also announced that the game is coming to Android devices.

The “play runescape online without downloading” is a new quest that will be released in Open Beta. The quest will also include the “old school RuneScape talks Android open beta, new quest, and future content.”


If the March issue of the Gielinor Gazette is any indication, Jagex enjoys sending out newsletters, and the studio has a lot to say about Old School RuneScape. In summary, the classic MMORPG had a busy month in March.

The end of the Shattered Relics League, the launch of the Guardians of the Rift minigame, the open beta of a dedicated Jagex launcher for PC, and the ongoing open beta of the Android version of the MMORPG are all covered in the newsletter; the devs haven’t set a date for the iOS version’s open beta, but promise more information in the coming weeks.

The article also mentions planned content releases, including another look at the game’s content roadmap, the upcoming Beneath Cursed Sands quest, which is set to premiere on Wednesday, April 27th, and some teaser artwork for the in-development Tombs of Amascut raid’s awards and rewards chamber. Finally, it ends with a preview for Giants’ Foundry, the game’s next big update, which will not only include Giants as its name indicates, but will also be “primarily a skilling upgrade.” In the next weeks, further details about this content patch is planned.

✨ We made some changes to Guardians of the Rift earlier this week!

Take a look at the updates we’ve made to the brand new Runecraft minigame, as well as what’s coming up next!

📜 The Nex drop rates and Loot Keys have also been tweaked in this release.

🔗 https://t.co/0JB8YBGaGG pic.twitter.com/7o44YZaqbV

— Old School RuneScape (@OldSchoolRS) April 3, 2022


“The Old School RuneScape talks Android open beta, new quest, and future content” is a blog post by the game’s community. It includes information on the upcoming open beta of the game, their latest quest, and what they have planned for the future. Reference: playing albion online.

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