Overwatch announces proper console and PC crossplay with new Battle.net upgrade

On the heels of the Overwatch Open Beta, Blizzard has just announced the launch of Overwatch’s newest update. The new version of the game, which is called Arcade, will be available for free and will come with a number of new features, including cross-platform play between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

Blizzard has announced a new update for Overwatch on both PlayStation 4 and PC which adds cross-platform play and more. As part of the announcement, Blizzard said that “sorry, friends,” they’re not yet ready to add cross-platform play with the Xbox One. However, it appears that they are ready to announce cross-platform play between Xbox and PS4.

Battle.net has been around for almost two decades, but it hasn’t had its own official mobile app until now. That’s fixed, too. Blizzard’s free-to-play shooter Overwatch now has a dedicated version for iOS and Android, and it lets you play with your friends no matter what device or platform they’re using.

Remember when Blizzard made a special announcement for Overwatch? This afternoon we finally figured out what it is: Cross-Play. The company is doing this at the same time as the big Battle.net update we talked about earlier. There’s no exact date yet, just a typical soon, with a beta until it happens. Cross-play is coming to Overwatch soon, allowing players to collaborate and play together. With the latest global update to Battle.net, players around the world can now join forces across platforms*. With the release of Cross-Play, all players will need to create a Battle.net account and link their respective console accounts. With the launch of Cross-Play, anyone who signs up for Overwatch before the end of 2021 will receive a gold loot box to celebrate. If you play on a console, you’ll need to create a Battle.net account and link it to your console account, even if you’re not interested in crossplay. PC players can relax and eat a sandwich or something since they already have one. Blizzard says that if you switch from PC to console, your progress and collectible content will not transfer over. While stats and leaderboards won’t be reset at game launch, the studio will keep separate leaderboards for each platform, including consoles with crossplay disabled (and yes, you can partially disable it to, say, only collaborate with Switch players who have the same settings). However, it is true that enabling crossplay will likely reduce the wait time in line. Finally, crossplay will not be enabled for competitive games, as these players will still be separated for balance reasons.

. ViewIn what is perhaps one of the most surprising announcements of the year, console and PC players of Blizzard’s Overwatch are finally going to be given access to a massive amount of content. After years of rumored cross-play between the two platforms, Blizzard’s Overwatch team has finally announced that this is a reality. While cross-play between consoles and PCs is an obvious boon for PC players, it is even more exciting for console players, as it gives players the option to pick up the game on any platform.. Read more about overwatch crossplay xbox pc and let us know what you think.

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