Pearl Abyss has delayed Crimson Desert indefinitely

The 2nd December was a bright and sunny day in the wonderful city of Los Angeles. A day that even the finest of Hollywood actors would have envied. The 2nd December was also supposed to be the day that the latest iteration of the popular MMO Crimson Desert was released. On the 2nd of December a very large and/or heavy box was packed into a shipping container and shipped off to a destination unknown. On the 29th of December the contents of the shipping container were unpacked, and a very large and/or heavy box was unpacked from the shipping container, and set up on a white table outdoors, and the contents were unpacked from the white table, and a picture of a very large and/or heavy box was

The Steam store page for Pearl Abyss’ MMORPG Crimson Desert has been updated to remove all the launch details, and now states that the game is “staying in early access for a bit longer”. The reason given is that the developer is working on a “new and exciting way to deliver this game to you [the players]”.

It was just a little over a month ago when I reported that Pearl Abyss would be delaying the Korean MMORPG Crimson Desert until Fall.  Now, the company has announced that the game will not be released in 2016 at all.  There are no specific details on what has prevented the game from being released.  Some have speculated that perhaps it was a money issue, and perhaps that is true.  Others have speculated that it had to do with the game not being finished, or perhaps that the game just wasn’t ready.  I want to extend my thanks to those who provided me with great information on this delay.  I really cannot thank you enough for giving me the benefit of your insight.

We hypothesized earlier this month that the initial “winter 2021” release date on PC looked improbable when Pearl Abyss returned from almost six months of quiet on Crimson Desert to publish a mocap video. That guess turned out to be correct, as the company announced a delay for the forthcoming MMO this morning.

PA said on Twitter, “We’ve concluded that we need to devote more time to developing fresh concepts for an even deeper, more rewarding game.” “As a result, we’ve chosen to postpone the release of Crimson Desert in order to provide the greatest possible experience while also protecting the health and safety of everyone engaged in the game’s development. In the future, we will offer an updated schedule.”

The Black Desert spinoff was announced at the end of 2019, but we didn’t get a big reveal until last December, when Pearl Abyss released a gameplay trailer and described the game as a “massive open world action-adventure game, with content designed for both solo play and multiplayer,” effectively squashing any pure MMORPG hopes for the game.

The #CrimsonDesert team has a message for you:

July 29, 2021 — Crimson Desert (@CrimsonDesert_)

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With the recent delay of Crimson Desert the new full release of Abyss, a new free-to-play game, I decided to make a post on the delay. The main reason for the delay was the need to fix issues with the programming aspect of the game, with bug fixes and clean-up being the most important elements. However, the developers also decided to take the time to further improve the visual aspects of the game.. Read more about crimson desert release date ps5 and let us know what you think.

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