Phantom vs. Vandal: Which Rifle is Better in VALORANT?

In this article, we will compare the Phantom and Vandal rifles for VALORANT. We’ll take a closer look at each of these weapons to help you decide which one is best for your needs.

The “valorant phantom vs vandal reddit” is a question that has been asked in VALORANT. The game’s developer, Vandal, released their rifle in the game as a part of the update. Phantom was also released as an alternative to Vandal’s rifle.

Since the debut of Valorant in June of 2020, both pro and novice players have been debating the solution to a critical question: which rifle is superior, the Phantom or the Vandal? While the rifles share certain similarities, they each have their unique strengths and playstyles. Because of their well-balanced statistics, they are the most popular weapons in the game; nevertheless, is one genuinely better than the other? In this article, I’ll examine each of these weapons in detail to decide which is the best option in Valorant.

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Which Is Better: Phantom or Vandal?

In Valorant, which firearm is the best? Both of these guns are the same price and seem to be comparable at first sight; however, a closer look at their statistics will show which one you should choose at the start of your battle.


Phantom-for-article--1024x410 Image of the Phantom rifle in Valorant Riot Games is a video game publisher.

What are its advantages? The Phantom boasts a quick rate of fire, a silencer to keep your foes at bay, and a big magazine. It also boasts a spray pattern that is easy to control, no bullet tracers, and good spray transfer. All of these professionals excel at close-range combat. For several of Valorant’s narrower, closed-in maps, the Phantom is a fantastic option. It will allow players to react fast in tense close-quarters confrontations, inflict devastating damage from near and mid-range, and enter and exit battlefields silently.  

Specs for the Phantom

  • Price: $2,900 
  • Fully automatic fire mode 
  • 156 at 0-15 meters, 140 at 15-30 meters, and 124 at 30-50 meters had head injuries.
  • Body Damage: 39 at a distance of 0-15 meters, 35 at a distance of 15-30 meters, and 31 at a distance of 30-50 meters. 
  • Leg Damage: 33 at a distance of 0-15 meters, 29 at a distance of 15-30 meters, and 26 at a distance of 30-50 meters.
  • The rate of fire is 11 rounds per second. 
  • 30 rounds in the magazine 
  • Medium penetration 

What are the disadvantages? The Phantom’s biggest flaw is its damage drop-off. It causes less harm the farther away it is. To take down an attacker, many rounds are often necessary, and lethal headshots are more difficult to land.  


Vandal-for-article-1024x410 Image of the Vandal rifle in Valorant Riot Games is a video game publisher.

What are its advantages? The Vandal excels in long-range fights. It’s amazing for one-shotting your opponents and has no damage drop-off, so distance won’t stop you from doing a lot of damage. This gun is ideal for people who have the ability to constantly one-tap their opponents.

Specs for Vandals

  • Price: $2,900
  • Fully automatic fire mode 
  • From all ranges, headshot damage is 160. (max range 50 meters) 
  • Damage to the body: 39 from all ranges 
  • Damage to the legs: 33 from all ranges 
  • 9.75 rounds per second rate of fire 
  • 25 rounds magazine 
  • Medium penetration 

What are the disadvantages? The magazine of the Vandal is smaller, and it is less forgiving. If you don’t land your one-shots, unlike the Phantom, it will betray your location and kill you. It is more difficult to manage because to its poor spray transfer, heavy recoil, and sluggish firing rate. The Vandal requires a great deal of care and accuracy.

Who Will Win in the Battle of Phantom vs. Vandal?

Both rifles are incredibly strong and dominate in a variety of situations; nonetheless, the Phantom is the superior option. The Phantom is unquestionably the superior choice for beginners, since it is much simpler to control and far more forgiving in combat. 

The Phantom’s silencer, decreased recoil, and controlled spray pattern make it considerably simpler for players to rapidly surprise their adversaries, hide from their enemies, and score important shots, despite its poor performance in long-range battles. It also has a higher firing rate and a bigger magazine, allowing players to do more damage to their opponents. While it doesn’t have the same one-tap capability as the Vandal, its simplicity of use more than makes up for it. 

Even though the Vandal has a superior one-shot rate than the competitors, it takes a lot more expertise to wield. The Vandal may easily win in the proper hands, but in most situations, the Phantom is the more trustworthy choice. Although the Phantom is the superior gun, your decision may be influenced by the map you choose. If the map is more compact, such as Icebox, you should equip the Phantom; nevertheless, if the terrain is more long-range friendly, such as Breeze, Vandal is the way to go. 

TenZ, one of the world’s finest Valorant players, feels the Phantom is better than the Vandal in every regard. It has a better spray pattern, a larger clip, and a quicker recoil reset, according to him. Although he admits that the Vandal’s one-tap kills are “far more rewarding” than the Phantom’s “quick burst kills,” he considerably likes the Phantom’s smoother handling even in areas with more long-range clashes.  

While getting one-shot kills with the Vandal may be more exciting, they are significantly more difficult to land since they need far more accuracy. The Vandal is the more entertaining alternative for skilled players who can routinely hit one-shots and get over the tougher handling. The Phantom is clearly the best alternative for gamers who aren’t confident about their one-shot talents and require more room for mistake.

Be a part of the High Ground

The Phantom’s superb consistency, adaptability, and handling make it the superior rifle in Valorant, despite the fact that both the Phantom and the Vandal have their own unique applications and skill sets. It blends in better with Valorant’s close-quarter maps, has a faster firing rate, is stealthier, and has a larger magazine. The Vandal, on the other hand, has the upper hand if you want to melt your adversaries with a single headshot in a level that is more spread out.

Which firearm do you believe is the most effective? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media. 

Have fun gaming! 

The “what gun is the phantom in valorant” is a question that many people have asked. The answer to this question is that the Phantom rifle is the best rifle in VALORANT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is vandal the best gun in Valorant?

A: Most of the guns are pretty evenly matched, but Valorant does have a few weapons that are slightly better than others. The best gun in the game is probably either Vandal or Covert-Lance because they both deal considerable damage and their ammunition costs less than most other weapons.

Why do Valorant pros use phantom?

A: Phantom is a type of holographic projection technology that can be used to create 3D objects in the air. It has been around for more than 100 years and still holds some advantages over other similar technologies like autostereoscopic video displays, which are getting very popular.

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