Planet Zoo How to Make a Natural Habitat Without Barriers

In this article, the author will show you step-by-step how to make a new planet for your game in Verge 3D using no barriers and any shape or size. They’ll also talk about what advice they have for aspiring designers working on their first project.

The “planet zoo null barrier gate” is a tutorial on how to make a natural habitat without barriers. Zoo keepers can use this method to create habitats for animals that cannot jump or climb.

If you’re a Planet Zoo enthusiast, chances are you’ve been browsing for ideas on Steam Workshop or inspiration on Reddit and YouTube to build your habitats. You may have seen or heard about Planet Zoo’s null barrier, but you may not have fully comprehended what it meant.

I like immersing myself in the game for hours on end, developing unique designs and natural environments. The problem is, given the current habitat restrictions in Planet Zoo, how can you construct a natural environment?

I’d like to introduce you to the Planet Zoo null barrier (or null fence). It’s the most effective approach to create a realistic-looking environment while keeping your animals contained. It’s true, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Planet Zoo: Creating Natural Barriers

The beauty of Planet Zoo’s barriers is that they may be used in conjunction with one another. For example, you may put up a glass barrier surrounding the area where your visitors would be able to see your animals, then change the sort of barrier in other areas of your habitat.


Glass barriers and null barriers are used in my Pygmy Hippo habitat. The null barriers are hidden under rocks and landscape, preventing the animals from escaping and giving the area a more natural appearance.

To begin, lay down your obstacles to construct your environment. Then you may use rocks, natural things, and other scenery pieces to cover obstacles in all or particular areas of your environment.

If you create a habitat that you truly like, save it as a blueprint, which is a small technique I discovered that helps. My Planet Zoo Pygmy Hippo habitat has been added to the Steam Workshop. I can now use it in any of my zoos to build natural boundaries in each one.

Null Barriers in Planet Zoo: How to Use Them


My Fennec Fox habitat in Planet Zoo is an excellent illustration of how null barriers may be used. I began with the structures and then created my environment around them.

To access the null barrier in Planet Zoo, go to the barriers page and choose the “null” barrier.


Even though it is invisible to animals and visitors, you will be able to see the contour of the null barrier when you set it down.

Null barriers may be changed in height, length, and curvature, exactly like other obstacles in Planet Zoo. On a barrier, you may also use the arrow tool to mark areas you want to be null and parts you want to be wood/brick/glass/etc.

Is it Possible for Animals to Break Through Null Barriers?


Because null boundaries are unseen to visitors and animals, they might take some getting used to at Planet Zoo. So, although there is theoretically a barrier there to form a habitat, your animals may escape if you just leave your null barriers without any natural protection.

As a result, I recommend laying down your habitat, buildings, and other scenic elements before applying the null barrier.


Always cover up any locations where your null barriers are, and consider utilizing other sorts of barriers where gaps would be a problem.

In my Planet Zoo Fennec Fox habitat, I employed a mix of null and glass walls. The foxes could easily find their way out of the habitat via the sides of the habitat gate if I hadn’t utilized glass.

Tip: After you’ve positioned your null barriers, select all of them and use the move tool (shown as four arrows in a cross shape) to push or shift the placement of your barriers in various directions.

Your natural habitat and null barriers will produce a great-looking and secure environment for your animals as long as they can’t climb, slide, or walk over your natural scenery pieces.

how do you delete barriers in planet zoo” is a question that has been asked many times. To answer the question, one must first know what a barrier is. A barrier is an object that separates two areas of land or water. The “Planet Zoo How to Make a Natural Habitat Without Barriers” will teach users how to make a natural habitat without barriers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need barriers for Planet Zoo?

A: No, the game does not require barriers.

How do you make natural barriers to Planet Zoo?

A: Simply right-click and select Create new room

How do you build a barrier climb proof Planet Zoo?

A: Its not possible to build a barrier climb-proof Planet Zoo.

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