Planet Zoo Wetlands Animal Pack DLC

The Zoo’s newest inhabitants are now available in the Wetlands Animal Pack! This pack upgrades your existing animals with new and improved behaviors. We’ve also expanded our zoo to include a few more species as well, so there is something for everyone!.

The “planet zoo: wetlands dlc” is a DLC for the game “Planet Zoo”. It includes new animals and habitats.

Fans of Planet Zoo will be pleased to enjoy the Wetlands Animal Pack, which will be released on April 12, 2022. Eight new creatures have joined the ranks, including the Danube Crested Newt, a new show animal.


The Planet Zoo Wetlands Animal Pack costs how much?

The Planet Zoo Wetlands Animal Pack is available for $9.99 (£7.99, 9.99€) on Steam. This DLC includes not just a slew of new creatures, but also the free Planet Zoo update 1.9.

New Animals in the Planet Zoo Wetlands Animal Pack

planet zoo update 1.9

The new creatures are, of course, the biggest attraction of the current Planet Zoo DLC. These creatures are wetlands residents, as indicated by the pack’s name, so individuals who appreciate designing water-based habitats will have a blast being creative.

The following are the eight new wetlands creatures in Planet Zoo:

  • Capybara
  • Platypus
  • Small-Clawed Otter of Asia
  • Caiman with Spectacles
  • Buffalo in the wild
  • Crane, Red-Crowned
  • Lechwe Nile
  • Newt from the Danube (Exhibit Animal)

planet zoo wetlands animal pack capybara planet zoo wetlands animal pack crested newt

While seeing a new variety of animals is thrilling, Planet Zoo wouldn’t be Planet Zoo without new enrichments to make your animals happy and reduce tension!

  • Tap with Hot Water
  • Small Submerged Feeder
  • Buoy Submarine
  • Water Jet Natural

Wetlands Animal Pack Timed Scenario at Planet Zoo

It’s certainly enjoyable to be creative in Planet Zoo, but it’s also enjoyable to get down into a task when the most of the detailed work is done for you.

Join us in the Pantanal, Brazil, for the forthcoming Planet Zoo: Wetlands Animal Pack’s new Timed Scenario.

Sometimes animals are unable to return to their natural habitat. These rescues need your assistance in constructing a safe haven.

Are you ready to help build them a forever home? 💚

— Planet Zoo (@PlanetZooGame) April 8, 2022

Players will go to the Pantanal region of Brazil for a new timed scenario in the new DLC. Your job is to save creatures who can’t survive in the wild. Animal welfare is a significant deal here, so you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and get these creatures their permanent home.

planet zoo wetlands animal pack habitat planet zoo wetlands animal pack restaurant planet zoo wetlands animal pack dlc timed scenario

  • At least four separate display species are required.
  • At least nine distinct habitat species are required.
  • Increase the total welfare rate to 85%.
  • At least 1,200 people should attend.
  • Raise the education score to 2.5 stars.
  • Obtain a 3/5 total rating.
  • Make a $15,000 profit every year
  • Have no debts outstanding

You must finish the Puddles In The Pantanal scenario in 1 hour and 10 minutes on medium difficulties to get a gold star. Do you believe you have what it takes? Please keep us updated on your progress!

Update 1.9 for the Planet Zoo Wetlands Animal Pack

Frontier is allowing us to do more than just dip our toes in the water with the introduction of the Planet Zoo Wetlands Animal Pack. That’s true, we can get started with Planet Zoo version 1.9 for free. This is, in my opinion, one of the most intriguing Planet Zoo upgrades to yet. Let’s see what awaits us.

Educators Who Travel


Educators in Planet Zoo were formerly scheduled via the Animal Talk Point for a certain day and time, at a designated location. This was useful for boosting the popularity of a particular habitat, but it was restricted. Educators will now wander free in Planet Zoo version 1.9, sharing their wisdom with your visitors.

When an Educator isn’t traveling, sleeping, or at an Animal Talk Point, they may stroll about and deliver small lectures to your visitors to help teach them about the animals at your zoo!

Planet Zoo, Frontier

Examine the Camera Mode

Ever wanted to edit your zoo from a guest-level point of view? Well, now you can with the latest update. Rather than fiddling around with frustrating camera views, you can use the Planet Zoo Examine the Camera Mode to get an immersive perspective of your zoo, buildings, and decorations.

Audio Visual Control Panel

Planet Zoo update 1.9 sees a new Audio Visual Control Panel where you can manage all of the billboards, screens, and speakers in your zoo from one easy-to-access location. Gone are the days of clicking on individual screens to see what music or messages are displaying in your zoo.

That’s not all, however. You’ll also be able to use your billboards to display Webcam feeds from any of your habitat’s burrows. This allows visitors to get a closer look at the animals in your zoo, increasing overall tourist satisfaction.

Alternatives to Water


Do you want to change the color of your zoo’s water? You may now change the color of the water in any exhibit in Planet Zoo version 1.9! Blow your visitors away with a blaze of color with a Poison Dart Frog display, or add a splash of rainbow to your old exhibits.

You may also add Mist and Bubble effects to the water in your animal habitat. This works well with the transparency and water color choices already available, enabling you to create something really unique.

Bathing Customs


We all need to decompress from time to time, and what better place to let your animals to do so than in a hot spring? You’ll be able to build small pools of water in your habitats and heat them with a water temperature regulator when the Planet Zoo Wetlands Animal Pack is released.

These new Bathing Customs in the Planet Zoo update 1.9 will reduce animal stress and allow players to get more creative with their habitats.

Brush To Flatten To Terrace

Going hand in hand with the shallow pools in the latest Planet Zoo update, you’ll be able to use the new Brush To Flatten To Terrace. This lets you set a Terrace Height setting and Shallow Pool Offset option to get the perfect levels for your structures in your zoo.

Burrows for Children

The final addition to the Planet Zoo Wetlands Animal Pack DLC and update 1.9 is the ability to create Burrows for Children for Meerkats and Prairie Dogs in your zoo. This, coupled with the webcam feeds on your billboards will allow your guests to marvel at more animals adopting burrowing behaviors.

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