PlanetSide 2’s roadmap blog teases new Outfit Wars and underwater combat

PlanetSide 2’s blog is a hub for all things related to the game. It discusses everything from upcoming patches and features, as well as major events like Outfit Wars, new maps and more. This week they announced plans for underwater combat with breathable air bubbles that allow players to explore what lies beneath the waves!

PlanetSide 2’s roadmap blog teases new Outfit Wars and underwater combat. The blog also mentions that the game is getting a major expansion in 2022.

Michael “Wrel” Henderson of Daybreak has posted a new dev blog for PlanetSide 2 gamers, covering both continuing difficulties and progress on the game’s future.

First, Wrel claims that Rogue Planet is still working on fixing the “G15” gateway issues that have been plaguing the game; reportedly, there is now a “bandaid” in place. Daybreak also claims to have implemented routing improvements that should aid Deutsche Telekom users who are experiencing latency difficulties, however it is still gathering reports and comments from players who are still experiencing problems.

In terms of the plan, Wrel claims that the studio has met or will meet the majority of its objectives for the first part of the year after the May 4th patch releases improvements to the new codex and main nav menu; the newest modifications will be available on the PTS later this week.

“From here, we’ll be going towards summer-ish, with the return of Outfit Wars in a new 1v1 style on the continent of Nexus,” he adds, adding that there are also ideas for garrison squads, gifting, and even underwater content. “While we haven’t made up our minds on the extent of underwater fighting yet, we’ll be working to extend it.” The aim would be to give players additional reasons to utilize the water, methods to protect themselves, and to make it a little simpler to navigate while still maintaining the atmosphere. As part of that, we’ll be introducing our first genuine naval vessel, which we’ll discuss more about in the near future.”

“There’s a lot going on that isn’t included in the roadmap.” The Trident Relays, for example, will get some player input in the future update, allowing defenders to reach the top of the dome to deal with attacker vehicle spawns. We’ve also been steadily improving the quality of life with the upgrades thus far, with a few more on the way. You’ll soon be able to turn off auto-knife wielding and turn off a slew of HUD indications (a feature that’s been requested for a long time.)”



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