Pokemon Legends Arceus Review: Into the Wild

Arceus is the most powerful Pokemon in the whole world. It’s got both a sword and shield, and its abilities are varied enough to be nearly impossible to catch. This guide will help you prepare for your battle with Arceus!

The “pokémon arceus review reddit” is a game that was released on the Nintendo 3DS. It is a Pokemon game, which has been highly anticipated by many fans. The game has received mixed reviews and some users have said it’s not worth the money.

Unaware of my presence, a cuddly Teddiursa frolics around the fields. It isn’t aware of it, but it will soon join a few of its ursine kin in the grasslands of Jubilife Village, assisting the Galaxy research team in better understanding Pokemon – or so I believe. A wayward movement exposes the monster to my existence, and its panic calls out a powerful Usraring. The beast is upon me in the time it takes the beast’s infuriated, demonic eyes to blink, and my damaged body is dragged back to the hamlet on the verge of death.

In principle, Pokemon Legends Arceus should be the polar opposite of enjoyable. Pokemon want to do serious physical damage. In all of Hisui, there is just one town, few trainer bouts, and no chance to challenge friends. Despite a few annoyances and the nagging notion that it might be even better, it’s the most enjoyable Pokemon game in decades.

Review of Pokemon Legends Arceus: Into the Wild

Most Pokemon games begin with you saying your goodbyes to your mother and setting out into the world in search of fame and money. In Pokemon Legends, god (Arceus) rips you from your own dimension, throws you back in time, and compensates you with a fancy god-phone (Arc Phone, if you want to get technical).

A guy claiming to be “somewhat of a Pokemon professor” approaches and requests for assistance in recapturing three escaped uncommon beasties. Professor Laventon is a member of the Galaxy Survey Corps, a branch of the Galaxy organization that has established a base in Hisui and is attempting to comprehend both the land and the species who live it. Naturally, you capture all three with fairly easily and finally pass the Survey Corps challenge. 

Which is excellent, since the alternative, according to the Corps captain, is dying alone in the woods.

One of Pokemon Legends’ best aspects is its setup. Professors and well-intentioned grownups who want us to finish tutorials have warned us for years that going into thick grass while destroying the innocent Rattata and Pidgey that cross our way is harmful. In the Hisui area, things are a little different. If you don’t step cautiously, that adorable Psyduck waddling into the water might be your destiny, and Shinx can and will burn your feeble body simply for looking at it.

Despite removing practically everything that characterized Pokemon… well, Pokemon, Hisui seems wild and exhilarating, exceeding even the sense of adventure I initially had when I walked outside Palette Town over 20 years ago. It turns out that Gym Battles and the Elite Four aren’t required for a Pokemon experience. I only need the little animals themselves, which may be very, very huge and nasty at times.


And I’m going to need a lot of them. Aside than unraveling the mysterious mystery of crazed Noble Pokemon, your only aim in Pokemon Legends is to create the first-ever Pokedex, which entails studying, fighting, and catching hundreds of monsters. 

Each Pokemon has a variety of research activities ranging from collecting or evolving them to seeing them perform a certain move. It sounds grueling, and it is to some degree. However, you may finish an entry by checking off a few activities, and I ended up with numerous full entries without even realizing I’d completed the chores. The endgame requirements are far more difficult, and as attractive as it sounds, I don’t sure I have the patience to complete every level of each work simply to trap god in a ball.

It’s a reflection of the ambiguous situation in which Pokemon Legends finds itself. With the smart use of stealth, throwing angles, craftsmanship, and surrounding Pokemon, Arceus’ fundamental cycle of exploring the wilds and collecting Pokemon never gets old. But I don’t believe Game Freak could accomplish it again without making some significant alterations.

There’s also a lot to expand on. While collecting Pokemon takes up the most of your time, Pokemon Legends also offers the most interesting cast of characters and plot of any of the mainstream games. Game Freak finally gave its characters individuality, and the outcome is much greater than I could have imagined.

Take, for example, your adversary. Gary was a poo, and a turd only. Hop was there! Always! Excited! There were traces of a battle between his optimism and his inferiority mentality, but it was generally drowned out by the background noise.


In Pokemon Legends, your potential opponent is a real person. They’re competitive and cantankerous at times, but they’re also friendly, compassionate, and truly interested in working with you. They and your other Galaxy members aren’t very deep, but they’re intriguing and well-written, with complex personalities and peculiarities that drew them to me much more than I anticipated.

The tale also takes unexpected turns, however I couldn’t help but believe that it might have been even better if there were more character interactions, more stakes, and more significant items to uncover in the semi-open world to tie it all together. Even still, I was sorry to see the credits roll since it meant my stay in Hisui was coming to an end for the time being. Arceus is an amazing trip, no matter how much Game Freak can and should enhance Pokemon Legends in a future version.

The visual presentation, on the other hand, is a Donphan in the room. It’s hard to know everything about Pokemon Legends’ development or the hurdles that came with creating Pokemon’s first completely 3D universe. It’s also tough to overlook the fact that things might be a lot better.

When you have Braviary as a mount and can travel about the environment quicker, texture and asset pop-in becomes a major issue, and there’s also the issue of limited assets to begin with. Hisui isn’t completely devoid of detail, but it’s also not overflowing with it.

Pokemon Legends features some very stunning moments, despite oftentimes seeming like a test build rather than a final product. The sky is breathtaking, particularly at night and as the sun rises. If you visit the Crimson Mirelands’ marshy parts around sunset, you’ll see how the light gradually turns the swamps a fiery crimson matching the name, and the water effects are extremely stunning, as they appear to be with Nintendo’s Switch generation games.

It seems that much more work was put into the Pokemon and their moves, which benefit from improved animations and more realistic representations. Even simple techniques like Bubble and Ember have a lot of personality and color. Pokemon fights are already invigorated by the strategic power and agility system, but these added impacts make them seem more more alive and thrilling.

Interactions with Pokemon are even better. Psyduck gamboled around the riverside for a joyous five minutes before leaping into the shallows, but it’s far from the only unique behavior and interaction that every Pokemon possesses. That isn’t even taking into account how they connect with one another. You may call out your whole squad, and depending on who’s on it, you’ll receive a variety of reactions. 

The Bottom Line in Pokemon Legends Arceus



  • The basic Pokemon notion has evolved in a fantastic way.
  • Story and location are both imaginative.
  • Characters that are interesting and well-written
  • Pokemon fights have been given a new spin.
  • It’s more alive than it’s ever been.


  • There are few diversions in this repetitive gaming cycle.
  • In terms of texturing, it’s rather devoid.
  • It’s a struggle to even accommodate what’s already there.

I wish I could have gotten more from Pokemon Legends Arceus, and it certainly deserves it, but I’m content with what I received. Finally, Game Freak opted to expand on what makes the inventive, interesting universe it created all those years ago — the feeling of wonder and, more crucially, the Pokemon themselves.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is one of the most satisfying and memorable Pokemon experiences to date. There should definitely be a second Pokemon Legends to take these concepts and newfound worldbuilding to the next level, but until then, Pokemon Legends Arceus is one of the most satisfying and memorable Pokemon experiences to date.

[Note: The copy of Pokemon Legends Arceus used for this review was given by Nintendo.]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you catch every Pokémon in Pokemon Legends arceus?

A: Unfortunately, we do not have an answer for this. This is due to the fact that it’s a Pokémon game and the developers of this game were never in contact with us.

Is Pokemon Legends arceus a main series game?

A: Yes, Pokemon Legends is a main series game.

How many Pokémon are there in Pokemon Legends arceus?

A: There are 10,000 different Pokémon in the world of Pokemon Legends.

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