Profane showcases new customization options and releases an updated roadmap

Developing a new game can be a lengthy process and expensive, but most developers don’t see it as an ideal investment. That’s why they are turning to different monetization models like F2P or freemium. With the release of their newest update, Profane is looking to provide gamers with more options that will allow them to make history in the industry

The “profane mmorpg release date” is a new customization option that has been released by the developers of the game. The update also includes an updated roadmap for the future of the game.


What will your character look like in the PvP sandbox of Profane? According to one of the game’s latest Twitter threads, you’re going to have lots of options as the character customization features have gotten some updates.

A video included in the post shows different skin tones, facial choices, tattoos and face paints, and haircuts, all of which are accessible to any character, regardless of gender. Overall, character heritage does not differ much, although certain heritages will have more adornments than others, according to the thread.

Meanwhile, the devs put out another Twitter thread about the game’s roadmap, which now has its own dedicated website for those who are keeping tabs on Profane’s progress. Updates that were pointed out include the removal of some superfluous movement features, further progress on moving to new network architecture, and word that the HUD for the next phase of alpha testing is ready. What isn’t detailed, however, is just when said alpha testing will begin.

This is the initial level of blocking and is mostly used for testing, therefore they will still be polished and have design changes made to them.

With that said, let’s talk more about the process! We are also eager to hear your feedback on this. 🥰

— Profane MMORPG (@ProfaneMMO) March 11, 2022


Profane is an Australian game development company that has recently released a new customization options for their game. They also have released an updated roadmap for their upcoming games. Reference: profane roadmap.

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