PSA: It’s time to migrate your Fallout 76 access to Steam (and grab some free Elder Scrolls games)

The game has been plagued with performance issues and bugs, prompting Bethesda to take Fallout 76 offline temporarily. The company is now giving players a way out of the mess by migrating their access to Steam.

The “Massively overpowered” is a PSA that was released by Bethesda, the company behind Fallout 76. It’s time to migrate your Fallout 76 access to Steam (and grab some free Elder Scrolls games). Read more in detail here: massively overpowered.

The great Bethesda Migration of ’22 has started, with the company abandoning its own homebrew launcher in favor of Steam’s more reliable platform. Before losing access to the old launcher, players have a few weeks — until May 11th, exactly — to move their credentials over to Steam. After the 11th, you may still migrate, but you won’t be able to play your games until then.

Bethesda already provided guild players with step-by-step guidelines for the (hopefully) simple procedure. “Your game collection and wallet will be transferred to Steam, so you won’t lose anything from your account.” Many titles’ saves will be moved as well, with a few needing manual transfers,” the firm noted.

This includes Fallout 76, which has been using Bethesda’s clumsy launcher for years. The Elder Scrolls Online, on the other hand, is an exception in this movement, since ZeniMax utilizes a separate launcher for the MMORPG.

Some players have experienced difficulty merging accounts and getting stuck throughout the migration process, so it hasn’t been fully easy. If this describes you, there may be a solution that might help you get back on track.

To lessen the sting of this aggravation, Bethesda has made a handful of its older titles available for free on Steam. Right now, you may get your hands on Elder Scrolls Arena and Elder Scrolls Daggerfall for your collection.


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