Punishing: Gray Raven | Best Team And Build For Alpha (Lucia)

The long-awaited release of the game finally happened, and it’s time to get started! This is a guide on how to build your first character in Punishing Gray Raven.

The punishing: gray raven best memories is a blog post of the game, Punishing: Gray Raven. It includes some of the best team and build for the character, Lucia.

Lucia: Crimson Abyss was first seen as Unknown Construct, but is now more frequently known as Alpha. The greatest team for Alpha, as well as the most suggested build, are both included in this tutorial. This new hero, who belongs to the Assault class, was launched worldwide on June 15th, 2021. She is a member of the Ascendant group. Check out the complete guide to discover more about the ideal partners to play with Alpha and her suggested build.

Gray Raven’s Best Team and Build in Punishing: Alpha (Lucia)

Teammates who are the best

To achieve the greatest outcomes for Alpha, you need certainly include the following team members:

Blast – Karenina 

Despite being an Attacker, her QTE brings foes together, making her an excellent companion for games like Warzone.

Storm – Nanami

Switch to Nanami: Storm and utilize her Blue Orb to attract opponents and weaken their defenses.

Arctic Rosetta

Nanami: Storm/Kamui: Bastion has been upgraded to Nanami: Storm/Kamui: Bastion.

Eclipse – Liv 

Eclipse gets access to a passive that gives Alpha a 10% physical damage boost at SSS Class (her shards are farmable in the first challenge level of her Interlude); with the proper memories, she’ll bring forth additional buffs for Alpha’s Sword Wave burst.

Bastion of Kamui

His QTE stuns the opponent and reduces their defense; he’s more convenient than Storm since he doesn’t need swapping in.

Kamui: Bastion lacks the same amount of shred as Nanami: Storm and is thus less beneficial to switch into. With so much character swapping in Warzone, Nanami: Storm comes out on top. If you have Rosetta: the Arctic, though, she is always the better option. For blasting down monsters in seconds, two tanks offer greater bonuses.

Alpha Build Recommendation


Go for 4x Frederick. It is better for burst but requires using dodges for DPS, leaving fewer dodges for safety. And also for 4x Patton which is better for long fights if you aren’t used to bursting bosses. The Preferred Memory Placement for Alpha is to put Darwin in slot 1/2/3 as Darwin has a low ATK stat and Frederick/Patton should be prioritized for 4/5/6. For 6* Weapon Resonance, if you only have one 6* weapon available for Resonance fodder, activate Alpha’s second slot for more orbs and the slot priority is 2 > 3 > 1.

For further information, see the chart below. 

Mode Weapon Memories Affixed Capabilities
War Zone Crimson


4x Frederick + 2x Darwin Atk+15, Crit+15 in Slot 1 [Core Passive +1] Slot 2:60px
Pain Cage 4x Patton + 2x Darwin
Usage in General

Note from the Author

Lucia punishing gray raven

Gray Raven is a high-octane, ultra-stylish Action-RPG. Mankind is on the verge of extinction. Earth has been overrun by the Corrupted, a robotic army corrupted and perverted by The Punishing, a biomechanical virus. The remaining survivors have escaped into space on the Babylonia space station. The Gray Raven special forces team leads the effort to recover their lost homeworld after years of training. You’re in charge of them. As commandant of the Gray Raven squad, your mission is to gather the world’s best cyborg warriors and lead them into combat. In this beautiful Action-RPG, uncover the terrible secrets behind the Punishing virus, drive back the Corrupted, and recover the Earth.

This ends the Punishing: Gray Raven version of the guide. Of course, I’ll keep you informed about future tutorials like this. Please leave a remark to express your gratitude if you found this useful. I hope you’re having fun with this game. I hope to see you all again soon. Take care till then, and good luck!

The punishing gray raven tier list is a tier list that ranks the best team and build for Alpha.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alpha good punishing gray Raven?

Yes, Alpha is a good punishing gray Raven.

Who is Alpha in punishing gray Raven?

Alpha is a member of the Raven family.

How do you punish gray raven on PC?

We do not have enough information to answer this question.

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