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It’s been an interesting week for fans of the Resident Evil franchise. With a Resident Evil 7 DLC coming out, and a Resident Evil 6 remake on its way, it’s only a matter of time before Resident Evil 8 is released. One of the games that is getting some attention this week, due to its trailer and a new leak, is Resident Evil 8.

Resident Evil 8 has been out for a little while now, which means it’s time to start digging into the secrets of the game and the various easter eggs available. This time around, we’re delving into the Village, where you’ll encounter a lot of different characters, including the new game’s protagonists, Alice and Ethan. We’ve been looking for a way to get a little bit of extra ammo, and we stumbled across a code that unlocks extra bullets for your revolver, plus a few other handy bonuses. We’ll show you how to get the code, as well as how to obtain the ammo, and, of course, how to use it to your advantage.

This blog is dedicated to all Resident Evil fans around the world, and the Resident Evil 8 game. I have spent a lot of time on this blog, and hope you will find some helpful information. I also hope that you will submit a new cheats or a comment to help improve this blog.

Home Cheats Cheats for Resident Evil 8 Village Looking for Resident Evil 8 Village cheats for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC and Stages? Here you will find Resident Evil 8 Village cheat codes and unlockables with hints for Capcom’s new survival horror game. Here we’ll show you how to unlock all Resident Evil 8 Village codes using the cheat sheet, valid for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Stadia versions (if any). Check out the cheats below…. Resident Evil 8 Village Guide Index:

Resident Evil 8 VillageCheats List

Resident Evil 8 Village Infinite Ammo Cheat

How do you unlock the Infinite Ammunition cheat in Resident Evil 8 Village? After the first part of the story mode, unlock the bonus area in the main menu, where you can buy the Infinite Ammo cheat sheet for CP* in the extra content store. You can then activate it for each weapon in the Options and Settings section of the main menu. We recommend activating it for the S.T.A.K.E. Magnum Pistol, which kills with one shot. *Note: Before you can buy the Infinite Ammo cheat, you have to find all 22 customizable items in Story Mode, buy all weapon upgrades from Duke, and buy all weapon upgrades from the dealer (and buy all 17 weapon accessories from him and attach them to your weapon…). After each of these steps, you can check if the Infinite Ammo cheat is available or not in the Bonus section (the last step may not be necessary). Fortunately, activating the Infinite Ammo cheat code doesn’t prevent you from getting achievements/trophies.

Resident Evil 8 Village Unlockable DLC Items

Unlockable items in the Trauma Pack DLC:

  • Samurai Edge – AW Model-01
  • Resident Evil 7 – Filter of found footage
  • Location of the Resident Evil 7 tape recorder
  • Saferoom Music Go tell Aunt Rhody
  • Pistol hanging Mr. Everywhere
  • Unlock the complexity of Shadow Village
  • The tragedy of Ethan Winter’s work
  • Baker’s incident report

Resident Evil 8 Village unlockable modes

How do I unlock new difficulty levels?

  • The additional game modeMercenaries can be purchased for CPs in the Extra Content Store, found in the Bonus section of the main menu. (You may have to go through Story Mode first.) After you unlock this mode, you’ll find it in the Bonus section of the main menu.
  • TheShadow Village difficulty level opens after completing the story mode for the first time. You can also use the Shadow Village difficulty item from the Trauma Pack DLC to make this incredibly difficult mode immediately available.

Resident Evil 8 Village special weapon unlock

How do you unlock all the special weapons? After completing the game’s first story mode, you’ll get 230,000 CP, which you can use to buy the next special weapon in the main menu’s extra content store. The unlockable weapons are:

  • WCX
  • Carambit knife
  • USM-AI
  • Dragoon
  • PZ hand cannon
  • Rocket gun

In addition, any other weapons you miss after completing the game can be purchased from the merchant in the new game.

Resident Evil 8 Village Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for Resident Evil 8 Village that will help you aim better and get the critical hits!

. Resident Evil 8: Village – A guide to observations and critical encounters Tips for pulling, pushing, collecting, improving and repeating From the official PlayStation blog: As in the previous games, you need to aim well to save ammunition and destroy enemies as efficiently as possible. Ethan can throw his arms in the air to reduce the damage he takes, but he can also fend off some enemies and even counterattack. A more aggressive play style that can be useful in the time and points based mercenary mode, but also allows you to earn money and items in the campaign. Resource management is still an integral part of your survival, but there is a reward for improving your goal: Money (and some collectibles) can be exchanged for upgrades at the local Duke dealer. During the gameplay demo, a knife, pistol and shotgun were in play (unused, but seen in Ethan’s mine map), and the trailers showed a powerful sniper rifle. They all have a basic reload rate, rate of fire, and ammo capacity that can be upgraded with a few coins thrown into the Duke’s palm. You can buy ammo from Duke, find bullets from around the world, or combine materials to make your own. In another obvious nod to RE4, collected treasures, such as crystal skulls and pendants, can be sold for quick cash. Work in progress] There are currently no other cheats for Resident Evil 8 Village on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, PC or Stages. So, until we find new ones, we’ve created the above Resident Evil 8 Village how-to guides to help you with tips and tricks about the game! Do you know any cheats or unlocks for Resident Evil 8 Village? Let us know in the comments and you’ll get a thank you for finding it. – Thank you for your visit!

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