Roblox scalpers make an absolute killing selling in-game Gucci handbags

As the scammers have come under fire in the past for selling their “virtual” items at 100x the market rate, this only makes them more determined to push forward with their nefarious scheme.

Roblox is a sandbox-style game where players can create their own games and use them to interact with one another.  Players can buy and sell in-game items to other players for real money.  Most of these transactions take place through the Robux currency, which is a virtual currency that can be purchased with real money.  But, some are being met with controversy.  A Roblox subreddit user named “RoflCopter” noticed a rather big business in Robux.  He started documenting the businesses and noticed they were selling virtual in-game items for real money.

I can already hear Bree opening her Strangest Stories 2021 folder for this story. Roblox, a game that claims to host experiences rather than games, has unveiled a limited-time Gucci Garden experience that invites players to immerse themselves in the creative vision of [fashion designer Alessandro Michele] and share his many inspirations and exciting experiences with their friends. In addition to this art/social space exhibition, The Garden offered in-game Gucci accessories that players could purchase for a short period of time, such as For example, sunglasses with diamonds or a Gucci Queen Bee handbag inspired by a real clothing line. With the second article, things went wrong: Scammers bought the Queen Bee handbag in-game for the base price of 475 Robux (about $5.50) and then resold the limited edition item for thousands of dollars. Until the end of the 17th In May, when the portfolio was released, the average price of Queen Bee had risen to 134,257 Robux, or about $1,578. . Since the first handbag, there have been more Gucci handbags for sale in the Gucci Garden, but the players have since learned their lesson and buy them directly from the event, so the price of cosmetics has not risen as much. The Gucci Garden is open until the 31st. May open.

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