Royal Kludge RK84 80% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

This is a keyboard that was designed for gamers and it shows. The RK84 features an individually programmable RGB backlit LCD with 6 lighting zones, 3 macro keys, 5 profiles on the onboard memory chip as well as a handy USB connection to your PC.

The “Royal Kludge RK61” is a keyboard that has been designed for gamers. It features a unique design and features a keycap design that allows the user to easily identify each key.

When purchasing a new keyboard, there are many factors to consider, but size must be towards the top of the list. Full-sized, TKL, and 60 percent are the three primary form factors that most keyboards fall into. The abbreviation TKL stands for “tenkeyless,” and it refers to a full-sized keyboard without the number pad. 60 percent keyboards go even farther by eliminating the function, arrow, and control keys to make the board as small as feasible.

The new Royal Kludge RK84, on the other hand, is unique. It’s described as an 80 percent keyboard by the manufacturer, which means it features all of the keys you’d expect from a TKL while preserving the compact design you’d expect from a 60 percent keyboard.

DSC_0128-1024x683 Photo 1 of the Royal Kludge RK84 80% Keyboard Cody Campbell / HGG / HGG / HGG / HGG / HGG /

We received one of these keyboards from Royal Kludge in exchange for an honest and impartial assessment. In our evaluation of the RK61 60 percent keyboard, we were excited to see what this revolutionary form factor had in store. Here’s what we discovered.

Specs (Zoom In)

  • 80% of the form factor
  • Black or white are the two colors available.
  • Wired USB Type-C/2.4GHz/3 Bluetooth 5.0 profiles are available.
  • Double-shot ABS keycaps
  • Mechanical switches RK Red/Blue/Brown
  • Battery capacity: 3750mAh
  • There are two USB 2.0 passthroughs built in.
  • RGB
  • RK software is a piece of software that allows you to
  • Cost: $79.99

Quality in Design and Construction

A 6ft. rubberized USB Type-C cable, two plastic wedges that can be magnetically mounted to the back of the board for further inclination, four extra mechanical switches, and a dual keycap and switch remover are included in the package, in addition to the keyboard itself. It does not, however, include a wristrest.

DSC_0139-2-1024x683 Photo 2 of the Royal Kludge RK84 80% Keyboard and Box Cody Campbell / HGG / HGG / HGG / HGG / HGG /

The board’s casing is made of plastic, yet it feels strong and has very little flex. The keycaps are composed of double-shot ABS plastic, which means they should last longer without wearing down than standard ABS. They also have a great tactile aspect to them that makes typing enjoyable.

On the righthand side of the keyboard are two USB passthroughs and a USB Type-C connection connector. A magnetic pocket for housing the 2.4G dongle and two switches are located on the bottom: one toggles wireless mode on and off, while the other toggles between 2.4G and the three Bluetooth profiles.

DSC_0145-1024x683 Photo 3 of the Royal Kludge RK84 80% Keyboard Cody Campbell / HGG / HGG / HGG / HGG / HGG /

The distinctive key layout, on the other hand, is what really distinguishes this keyboard. The arrow keys and control keys are pushed to the right side of the keyboard, while additional functionality such as media and Bluetooth mode controls are written in gray on the keys themselves. The only drawback seems to be how little the right Shift key becomes. However, I soon get used to this, and the rest of the design is rather pleasant.

RK Switches are a kind of switch that is used to control the

The keyboard we received from Royal Kludge comes with their own kind of tactile brown mechanical switches, although it’s also available with liner reds or clicky blues. They work well and provide a pleasant typing experience in general. The tension is well-balanced, and the haptic “bump” is pleasurable.

These switches aren’t likely to make our list of the finest mechanical switches for gaming anytime soon, but they’re certainly not the worst we’ve seen. When you consider the various switches available at this price range, they’re exceptionally great.

DSC_0153-1024x683 Photo 4 of the Royal Kludge RK84 80% Keyboard Cody Campbell / HGG / HGG / HGG / HGG / HGG /

They’re also hot-swappable, so users who end up liking the keyboard but not liking the RK Switches are a kind of switch that is used to control the can also change them out down the line if they want.

Gaming Capabilities

Of course, how well a gaming keyboard performs in-game is the true test. I put the RK84 to the test by playing Doom: Eternal on it. Because of the fast movement and quick reflexes necessary to play that game, it’s a great place to evaluate latency.

DSC_0133-1024x683 Photo 5 of the Royal Kludge RK84 80% Keyboard Cody Campbell / HGG / HGG / HGG / HGG / HGG /

In wired mode, the RK84 performed wonderfully. There was no discernible delay, and the keyboard was comfortable enough for long gaming sessions.

The 2.4G connection, on the other hand, was a touch more hazy. When the dongle was plugged straight into the IO port, the connection was a bit shaky since my PC is approximately 3 feet away from the keyboard. It wasn’t obvious at first, but after a while, there were enough missing keystrokes that it became an annoyance.

The connection was significantly easier when I used a USB hub to relocate the dongle closer to the keyboard (about 2 feet), but it was still annoying. The range should be much greater. Even the latest Bluetooth 5.0 has some perceptible lag when it comes to fast-paced gameplay, thus the Bluetooth functioned beautifully.

RK software is a piece of software that allows you to and RGB

Royal Kludge control software is included with the RK84. There are three profiles available, each featuring keymapping, macro controls, and illumination. There are 21 lighting effects to choose from, each with brightness, speed, sleep duration, and animation parameters, as well as a custom lighting studio where you can combine up to three distinct lighting effects, assigning one to the whole board, one to the number keys, and one to the WASD keys.

Capture-1024x611 Screenshot of the Royal Kludge Software Royal Kludge (photo credit: Royal Kludge) courtesy of HGG

Its capabilities are restricted in comparison to most recent keyboard control applications, and the UI is outdated. Although there are a few decent lighting effects, there isn’t a lot of color customization. It’s also only available when the keyboard is connected in. In any of the wifi modes, it will not identify the keyboard. It’s worth mentioning, though, that most keyboards with superior software are much more costly.

Is the RK84 a good investment?

DSC_0139-1024x683 Photo 6 of the Royal Kludge RK84 80% Keyboard Cody Campbell / HGG / HGG / HGG / HGG / HGG /

Royal Kluge has built a reputation as a low-cost brand, usually giving quality features at a fraction of the cost of its rivals. As a result, several of their items have risen to the top of Amazon’s search results.

The RK84 seems to be more expensive than other of their goods, however this is most likely owing to the RK84’s distinctive form factor. The Cooler Master SK622 and the ASUS ROG Falchion are both more costly 60 percent keyboards with arrow keys, but the RK84 is the only one with this unusual 80 percent configuration.

It’s also a well-made keyboard with three alternative connection options, a large battery, RGB lighting, software control, and mechanical switches. With that in mind, the RK64’s $80 price tag seems to be more than reasonable.

Verdict (Zoom Out)

Create a high-quality product





The Royal Kludge RK84 has a unique 80% of the form factor that combines the functionality of TKL with the compactness of a 60% keyboard. There is a short range on the 2.4G and the software could be better, but it has a solid build and comes at a good price.

  • Unique 80% of the form factor doesn’t require space for functionality
  • There are three alternative ways to connect to the device.
  • The keycaps are made of double-shot ABS and are quite pleasant to type on.
  • RK software is a piece of software that allows you to looks old and is light on features
  • The range of a 2.4G connection is quite limited.
  • The rubberized cable and plastic enclosure don’t have a luxury feel to them.

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The “royal kludge rk84 manual” is a keyboard that offers the perfect blend of style and performance. The keyboard features mechanical switches with an 80% actuation point, which allows for faster key presses. The keyboard also has blue LED backlighting and full N-key rollover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is RK84 a good keyboard?

A: RK84 is an excellent keyboard.

Is Royal kludge a good brand?

A: Yes, it is a good brand.

Is Royal kludge RK71 good for gaming?

A: Royal Kludge RK71 is a good mouse. It has an Omron sensor which provides accuracy and quick response time when playing games, specifically FPS or MOBA titles like Overwatch, League of Legends, Fortnite Battle Royale.

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