RUMOR: New Sonic Game Open-World Adventure Called Sonic Rangers

All we know for now is that the game will release on the Nintendo NX and is being developed by a third-party developer.

Sonic the Hedgehog just turned 20 years old, and the franchise’s future is as bright as ever. The core title is still going strong, and the Sonic Boom franchise has been a hit with both kids and adults alike. The latest set of rumors and news revolve around the release of a new open world adventure game that Sonic is set to star in.

A new open-world Sonic game is in the works, according to a few rumors making the rounds online these days. According to some sources, it will be called Sonic Rangers and will have a distinctly western theme. This game could be based on the Japanese game series, but with a twist. The game will appear to have a western theme, but in reality it will be part of the Japanese franchise and the series will just be called Sonic Rangers. The main difference between the Japanese game and the western one will be that the western game will have an open world.

Information has surfaced from various sources about SEGA and Sonic Team’s new open-world Sonic game, called Sonic Rangers. The first leak of this announcement comes from an early press release revealing the game’s title (revealed by Eurogamer): A new console experience is announced with Sonic Colors: Ultimate and Sonic Rangers, details on the Netflix series Sonic Prime, mobile news, music events and more! Twitter user @PTKickass also noted the following in the leaked 4K version of the teaser video: Leaked 4K teaser for new Sonic game has some interesting images – PTKickass (@PTKickass) 27 May 2021 Finally, Twitter user @NTom64_Lyfe discovered the following post on 4Chan, dated January. The announcement reveals additional information from their focus test and indicates that the game will feature an open world populated by small enemies, puzzles, and platforming challenges. That was also in January – NTom64 (@NTom64_Lyfe) 27 May 2021 As we learned yesterday, the new Sonic game is being developed by the same team that developed Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces. You can check out the game trailer below (courtesy of Gematsu):

Sonic the Hedgehog 2022 –Teaser Trailer

. What do you think? Are these statements true? Tell us about it in the comments below. word-image-13318 Posted less than a minute ago by Casey Scheld in News New information has surfaced from various sources about SEGA and Sonic Team’s new open-world game called Sonic Rangers. word-image-13319 Posted less than a minute ago by Casey Scheld in News Version 1.6 of miHoYo’s Genshin Impact Midsummer Island Adventure will be released on the 9th. June 2021. word-image-13320 Posted less than a minute ago by Casey Scheld in News To celebrate the release of the game on Nintendo Switch, a new launch trailer for World’s End Club has been released by IzanagiGames and NIS America. word-image-13321 Added 18 hours ago by Casey Scheld in News During today’s State of Play, Guerrilla Games and PlayStation Studios revealed a gameplay video for their game Horizon Forbidden West.In recent years, the Sonic the Hedgehog series has been expanding into an almost all-encompassing series of games, with each release offering a new spin on the beloved Mega Drive mascot. While some of these games have been great, others have been a bit of a mixed bag; such is the case with Sonic and the Secret Rings, which was a great game for a few minutes, only to be overshadowed by its predecessor, Sonic and the Black Knight.. Read more about sonic the hedgehog new game 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a new Sonic game in 2020?

At the time of this writing, there are no concrete plans to make a new Sonic game anytime soon. This does not mean, however, that a new game will not be made soon. Rumors have been booming for years that a new Sonic game would be coming, but nothing has ever come of them. It is possible that the rumors are more of a marketing scheme than a genuine chance that a new Sonic game is in development. In the June issue of the magazine Famitsu, a new open-world Sonic game is rumored to be in development. This new game, called Sonic Ranger R, will be a role-playing game in the vein of the Sonic Advance series. The protagonist of the game will be a member of the Sonic Ranger organization, who will be sent on various missions. The protagonist this time around will be designed to be more customizable than previous protagonists, and will apparently use the new “cellular system” to summon weapons and abilities when you achieve a high enough level.

What is the rarest Sonic game?

Last year, we reported that an open-world Sonic game was in the works—but apparently, it’s not coming out anytime soon.  This week, a source told Kotaku that an open-world Sonic game is in the works, but the game is not a Sonic X-treme adventure, but rather an open-world genre game for the long-running franchise. The name “Sonic the Hedgehog” is so ubiquitous that it’s hard to imagine a world where he didn’t exist. Back in 1991, Yuji Naka and his team created the character in response to Sega’s desire to create a mascot that could appeal to a wider audience than the company’s other products. And while the games were technically considered an action-platformer, the emphasis in many cases was on speed—and that’s what drew players in.

Is Sonic Colours getting remastered?

Rumors have been circulating that a new Sonic the Hedgehog game is in development, but they are simply unfounded. If you were to ask Sonic fans, they would tell you that there is nothing to be excited about. But “Sega Says It’s Not Making a New Sonic Game” doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? A few months ago, some people working on the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise in the US were spotted at a Sonic book store. They were seen carrying various items that appear to be related to the next Sonic game, currently known as Sonic Colours Remaster, and are claimed to have some of the game’s assets. Being a rumor, it is unclear what form it will take, if it will be a remaster of the Sonic Colours game, a new game or a mix of both. Also, the game is not scheduled to be released this year, so it is not possible to know at this time.

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