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Rush Rally is an exciting, racing game that offers a unique set of features including: endless gameplay and time-based challenges. GamersHeroes has put the Rush Rally Origins reviews to test!

Rush Rally Origins is a game that has been released for the PC and Xbox One. The game is a racing game that takes place on the longest road on earth.

75 percent overall



Making a great run in Rush Rally Origins is an amazing joy for those who love and breathe arcade races. This is the next addiction for individuals who don’t mind a lot of repetition and a high price tag.

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With Rush Rally Origins, Brownmonster Limited set out to create the ultimate top-down racer. Is it able to live up to this high ambition, or will it fall short of SEGA Rally Championship and DiRT Rally 2.0?

Review of Rush Rally Origins

Rush Rally Origins’ pick-up-and-play approach is instantly apparent, given that it is a version of the iOS and Android mobile game. Players will congregate in one of eight distinct places, each containing six unique races, after choosing between Time Trials, Races, Championships, and Multiplayer.

However, don’t expect each level to be a carbon replica; a variety of criteria guarantee that no two runs are same. There are many factors to consider while hitting the track, including the roads (gravel, dirt, tarmac), the weather (sunny, wet), and even the height.

Fortunately, the controls here are up to the task. They may seem straightforward from first glance, and they are; players may accelerate, stop, reverse, and move to the left and right. Hairpin corners must be struck precisely to maintain speed, hills might provide some airtime, and there’s always something to keep you on your toes.

The gameplay is flawless. Because of the game’s arcade origins, players may concentrate on hitting the ideal time rather than battling the controls. A number of other considerations have been taken, including the distribution of rally pace notes at regular intervals. If that wasn’t enough, the turns are also well marked on the ground, making it easy to see what’s ahead. It is never inexpensive, and the player is often the principal adversary. Players in this game are attempting to be the greatest version of themselves.


There is, however, a sophisticated upgrading system that enables users to improve their race vehicles. Players will be able to alter aspects such as the engine, exhaust, and suspension to enhance each vehicle’s acceleration, peak speed, handling, and braking as they drive more. There are four distinct classes to be aware of (ranging from D to A), and various improvements will place players in different weight classes. There’s no need to be concerned; such enhancements can be readily removed to return to a prior condition.

Rush Rally Origins is a fun game to play, but there are two problematic choices that detract from the overall experience. For one thing, the unlockables may be a real pain. Players begin with a small number of vehicles and one track, with more becoming available as they play and log more kilometers. This isn’t necessarily a negative thing, but each music is only available in one play option. Expect a lot of repetition if you want to go from one mode to the other.

Another disadvantage is the cost; the Steam edition of the game costs $14.99. Players will be paying three times the price for what is effectively the same game, given that the smartphone version costs just $4.99.

Making a great run in Rush Rally Origins is an amazing joy for those who love and breathe arcade races. This is the next addiction for individuals who don’t mind a lot of repetition and a high price tag.

This Rush Rally Origins review was completed on a PC. The game was downloaded from the internet.

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