Sea of Thieves Season 6 Release Date – Here’s When It

The Sea of Thieves season 6 release date has been confirmed and you can check out all the details right here. The latest update is set to include a new area in the game, but it’s not clear if this will be available for free or if players need to purchase an expansion pass. Stay tuned as we follow up on this story during the week!

The “sea of thieves release date” is a question that has been asked many times before. The game releases on February 6, 2019.

Season 6 of Sea of Thieves is set to premiere in 2019. - Here's When It Begins and Could End

Developer Rare has finally shared the first details about Sea of Thieves’ Season 6 release date, outlining the major changes coming to its open-world game throughout 2022.

With the start of Season 6, Sea of Thieves will focus a greater emphasis on its story components while maintaining a consistent cadence of post-launch content, allowing players to experience out every new feature before the season’s finish date.

Season 6 of Sea of Thieves is set to premiere in 2019.

Season 6 of Sea of Thieves is set to premiere in 2019. - Here's When It Begins and Could End

Season 6 of Sea of Thieves is set to premiere in 2019. - Here's When It Begins and Could End

According to the developer, the release date for Sea of Thieves Season 6 will be somewhere in March. Previous seasons of the game have lasted between 10 and 13 weeks, allowing us to predict when it will conclude. Here’s how things stand right now.

  • Season 6 of Sea of Thieves will premiere on March 3rd ( estimation)
  • Season 6 of Sea of Thieves will finish on June 2nd ( estimation)

We anticipate to discover more about the start and finish dates for Season 6 of Sea of Thieves in the coming months and will update this post as soon as we do.

Season 6 of Sea of Thieves: Content and Details

Season 6 of Sea of Thieves is set to premiere in 2019. - Here's When It Begins and Could End

Sea Forts are introduced in Season 6 of Sea of Thieves, and you must battle their phantoms and sea captains in order to open their treasury and take off with their loot. The six offered are designed for lone players and small groups, and come in three distinct themes: jail, overgrown, and Spanish-inspired.

Pirate Legend Voyages, a new form of replayable content, is also on the way. These transport players to new locations in pursuit of wealth, such as diving underwater to discover the mysteries of shipwrecked graveyards or exploring eerie islands. They’ll tie in with the season’s increased narrative emphasis, much like the Sea Forts.

Adventures are a new form of content that tries to further the tale of Sea of Thieves. Players may anticipate three experiences every season, one coming each month and lasting roughly two weeks, as seen in cinematic teasers. Shrouded Islands, the first episode of Season 6, will premiere on February 17.

Adventures give explanations for in-game actions and live events in addition to their own story lines. Furthermore, players’ choices in pivotal Adventures will have an influence on the tale’s ending as well as the game’s universe, which will change as the story unfolds.

Mysteries are another new type of content that will be introduced starting with Season 6. Lasting longer than Adventures, they will see players working together to piece together clues both inside and outside the game. The first one will see players solving the murder of “a well-known character,” according to the developer.

The monthly Emporium content as well as the seasonal Plunder Pass make a comeback.

That’s all we know about Season 6 of Sea of Thieves thus far. Check out our post on the game’s live Twitch Drops for additional information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a Sea of Thieves 2?

A: Sea of Thieves did not release on PC and will never be available in a PC environment.

Is Sea of Thieves fully released?

A: Sea of Thieves is released on March 20, 2019.

Is Sea of Thieves a movie?

A: No, its not a movie. It is an unfinished game that was originally meant to be in Early Access for about three years before being released as a full release on March 20th of this year.

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