Seafaring MMO Atlas patches in Lunar New Year stuff, offers 2022 roadmap

Atlas has added a Lunar New Year event to their game. The developers did not give details about it, but the patch notes mention that they are looking forward to 2022 when Atlas will be released on mobile devices and more people join in.

The “atlas roadmap 2021” is a new update for the game. The update includes Lunar New Year stuff and also offers 2022 as a roadmap.


When I think of Lunar New Year, I don’t immediately think of Wildcard and Grapeshot’s malingering MMO Atlas, but the early access game’s newest “maintenance patch” includes a reference to the holiday, as well as a new sea, two new locations, and a new crafting facility.

“We’re introducing new places, each with their own mysteries, for players to explore and uncover in this patch,” the studios said in the patch notes. “We’re also going merry with a few new cosmetics to help you and your team enjoy the impending holiday season.” As you visit the realm of Atlas, celebrate the year of the tiger or snuggle up with a bear-y close buddy.”

The team, for example, recognizes user comments and how it’s effecting the game’s redesign, including a link to a Trello board that outlines the game’s future. My Trello is a little skewed, but the image depicts what’s coming up in the near future, including a new map, ship improvements, and even a redesigned trading system.


“Finally, we’ve spent a lot of effort resolving the gameplay concerns that you, the community, have raised. This update is part of that effort, delivering a slew of much-needed bug fixes to shore. In addition, we’re releasing our new public issue tracker, which allows pathfinders to follow the development of problems reported through Discord or other forums. We believe that this openness reaffirms our commitment to prioritizing the opinions of our players in our choices about Atlas’ future.”


The “atlas map not working 2021” is the latest patch for the Seafaring MMO Atlas. The Lunar New Year stuff includes a roadmap for 2022.

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