Star Trek Online’s Stormfall chapter launches May 10, starring Kate ‘Janeway’ Mulgrew

Star Trek Online’s Stormfall chapter launches May 10, starring Kate ‘Janeway’ Mulgrew. The latest expansion is a new way to play and an opportunity for players of all levels to experience the full breadth of space combat in STO.,

The “kate mulgrew 2022” is a new chapter in Star Trek Online that will launch on May 10. The game’s developers have announced the release date for the newest update, which will also feature a new playable character and starship.


Star Trek Online has a huge juicy news for your Friday: Stormfall, the game’s next phase through the Mirror Universe, will be available to PC gamers on May 10th (console in June). The prominent cast includes Admiral Janeway (Kate Mulgrew), Admiral Leeta (Chase Masterson), Rae-Yeet (Noah Averbach-Katz), and Captain Killy (Mary Wiseman).

“In the last minutes of the previous episode, “Red Shift,” players learned that the person they were looking for was Lieutenant Ilia from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Admiral Janeway (voiced by Kate Mulgrew from Star Trek: Voyager) will issue instructions to Captains in Stormfall to proceed on a mission to rescue a captive Deltan Starfleet Officer from a Terran Space Dock. Ilia asks for the players’ assistance in stopping the Terran Empire from summoning a fearsome enemy. […] These thrilling events take place in two brand new Star Trek Online highlighted episodes. Stormfall also includes a new 5-player ground Task Force Operation as well as an unique event that enables players to receive a new prize for completing the most recent content. In addition, Cryptic Studios’ developers are hard at work remastering the Starfleet faction’s instructional experience. This revamped tutorial will not only provide aspiring Captains a more enjoyable experience, but it will also include new locales and greater interaction with the Borg and Admiral Janeway. When Stormfall launches on Arc Games, Stream, and the Epic Games Store on May 10th, further information will be available.”

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