Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Review — It’s Called POOT for a Reason

I’ve never worked on a ranch, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love the smell of fresh-cut grass and the sight of a beautiful sunset. The sky is painted a brilliant orange and yellow, and as the sun gets lower, the air cools down. I walk over to a nearby bench and take a seat. The sounds of the night fill my ears: crickets chirping, the wind rustling through the trees, the faint sound of the ocean in the distance. As I take it all in, I wonder: is Story of Season: Pioneers of Olive Town the farming game I’ve been waiting for?

The latest entry to the Story of Seasons franchise is just as quirky as its predecessors, and even more packed with content. (And that’s saying something!) If you’re a fan of Harvest Moon or other such life sim games, you should definitely consider checking out Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town .

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town has a lot of things going for it: The game has a ton of charm, with an art style that evokes a bygone era of RPG gaming, and its pioneering single player farm game format is a blast to play. There’s a lot of content on offer, too, with tons of recipes and marriage options for you to discover. But it’s not all sunshine and roses in POOTville, and there are some pretty big problems with story of seasons that have to be mentioned.

History of the Seasons Olive City Pioneers has the advantage in my preview. Sure, there were bumps here and there, and the Creator system often bothered me the first few times I worked with it. But it was promising – or so it seemed to me. It’s been a few seasons, and the game has only delivered the worst of what it promised. It’s the lifeless, boring, characterless game you’d expect from someone who has no idea how to have fun, saw that fans enjoyed Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons , and decided they could make a game about chores.

History of the Seasons The magazine Olive City Pioneers – is not called PUTfor nothing.

In Olive City Pioneers , Olive City is renovated and transformed from a sleepy town to a bustling tourist attraction. That’s what Mayor Victor says shortly after your arrival, at least when he appoints you as the unofficial director and promoter of tourism in Olive Town. That’s not true. The tourist assignments consist of random tasks that Victor imposes on you at an even more random rate, although the assignments can be quite generous. They have about three applications on the city’s board, and they all ask for basic materials. However, you only have one request to fulfill, which diminishes the sense of accomplishment and makes you wonder why the mayor needs your help in the first place. Apparently, Olive City residents are able to perform basic tasks selectively and get motivated when someone else does the work first. It’s amazing how Victor was elected mayor. I’m sorry to break it to him, but paving the streets and installing new streetlights is a repair and not innovative planning to turn Olivetown into a tourist utopia. Or maybe I will. According to my notebook, there were 60 campers in Olive City that first summer alone. Invisible campers would be more accurate, as I only saw three or four random NPCs walking around at one point. word-image-10207 But yes, internal logic is not one of the strongest points of PoOT. For a while I didn’t have enough knowledge of animal care to buy a pregnancy kit, but in one of my first encounters with Bridget, the co-owner of the pet store, she congratulated me because I had recognized that her cow was pregnant. If you can’t wait to personalize your city or have a significant impact on its development, don’t do it. This is just one of many PoOTideas that are poorly implemented. The other big attraction – and an equally big drawback – is your farm. InPoOT you find yourself in the wilderness, having to build your farm from scratch and tame wild animals. This means that you will do all the things that you normally do in History of Seasons, but with more effort and much less satisfaction. Taming the wilderness means collecting large quantities of certain materials to build a bridge or clear debris. Why a carpenter needs 30 bars of silver to move a pile of bricks is unknown, but it opens up new farmland and resources to pile up. A dilapidated farmhouse and an accompanying animal are nestled in every bit of forest. Collect enough resources, build your barn and tame a wild animal by petting it. At first, you’ll encounter wild plants that you can ship to unlock their seeds in your local shop. It’s a good idea that won’t last more than the first few weeks. And that’s all the innovative Olive City has to offer. When you’re not busy with the fields or animals, you’re chopping down trees or spending 12 hours or more in the mines desperately trying to get enough ore or wood for the next upgrade you want. word-image-10208 ThePioneers of Olive Town game has one of the most brutal crafting systems I’ve ever seen. The main thing is to feed the production machines with piles of materials that are not already circulating in abundance. In a few hours of play, your five silver ores will become a silver bar. 1. For some big projects you need 30 or more, and those are just the basics. The same goes for wood, bricks and everything else you need to work on a farm or expand your home. The reward for all of this will be the discovery of new projects that require increasingly scarce materials and longer processing times. Perhaps the goal was to implement the mechanics of Stardew Valley into Story of Seasons. If so, Marvelous forgot to focus on why it works in this game. Among other things, Marvelous has promised changes to the creation system, but these won’t come until after launch. While the maker system is a serious problem, fixing it will only further expose the biggest weakness of Pioneers of Olive Town: There’s nothing to do. word-image-10209 You can get sprinklers as early as the first season without spending a single gold piece, so farming takes almost no time at all anyway. Of course, if you had more free time, you could talk to the locals… I hear you asking. You can, but why would you want to? Writing this about Story of Seasons seems a bit surreal, but Olive Town has the blandest acting I’ve seen in a long time. They certainly meet all the requirements. There is only one black character in the film, one Asian family (with a child caring for an elderly parent, of course), and one Latino family with the obligatory handful of Spanish words just in case. It’s about referential diversity, not real representation. There is also no sense of community, even though everyone says they want the city to be better. No one talks about their work or what they like. They have no past, they don’t talk to their families and even less to each other. If you approach a group that seems to be talking to each other, they will back off and only tell you how much they enjoyed the animal show or how nice the new benches are. This is not an accusation against XSeed’s localization team. There will be a patch later that will bring more variety to the writing, but maybe just improve the basics a bit. The system seems fundamentally broken. These characters exist to fill a void and have no other purpose. Donations over a long period of time only confirm this suspicion. Everyone loves everything, even objects that should be a nuisance to certain characters. For some people, a stone or a fish is the equivalent of a diamond. The bond develops the same way anyway, making friendship and romance, two of the series’ strengths, seem empty and unnecessary. It’s a job that needs doing, that’s all. word-image-10210 The lack of attention to detail is evident in countless other small appearances. Despite the daily greetings and gifts, the characters behave during the initial exchanges of thoughts as if they are meeting you for the first time. And fences have to be built to keep the animals in, but they never go further than about five squares from the barn or the chicken coop, and they even set them up for the night themselves. The customization options should be there too, but aside from the pesky problem of object boundaries, you have trees, rocks, and grass that keep popping up. I understand the intent is to give you resources, but spending half your stamina every day to take them out is not a fair trade. What makes this even more problematic is understanding how this is supposed to work. In theStardew Valley game and the otherHarvest Moon/SoS games, rocks appear, grass grows, and other trees grow at a reasonable rate. InPioneers of Olive Town triples the number of new items that appear and doubles the speed, perhaps because the game knows you need them for what it asks you to do with the Maker machines. It’s not good when a game realizes that one of its core circuits has a problem, so it adds another problem to try to compensate for that. There are other problems too. Pioneers of Olive City is not a graphically intense game. The character models are not very detailed and only have two or three poses. However, the game has trouble rendering buildings and even trees, especially on your farm. It turns into a slideshow at the first farm and freezes as if it will crash if there are too many objects. And that’s after three patches. Unless an update is released at the last minute, this is still an issue when starting the game, although the terrible load times have improved slightly.

History of the Seasons Olive City Pioneers Overview – TheBack Line




  • Work alone, no fun.
  • Cardboard cutouts for the characters
  • Ticking boxes instead of creating a pleasurable experience
  • Significant framerate issues in some places

Pioneers of Olive Town is a newStory of Seasons game, in name only. The charm of the series, the variety of activities, the sense of warmth and individuality, etc. have disappeared like sweat in the wind. All that remains are caricatures and a game that shows only a hint of understanding of what makes the game engaging. Not what you’d expect from an established developer who was a pioneer in the genre, whether it was the first game made by SoS or not. Future patches may improve some blemishes in PoOT, but if you’re looking for a good farming sim game on Nintendo Switch, you’re better off playing the Friends of Mineral Town remake. [Note: XSeed provided a copy of the season’s story: Pioneers of Olive City used for this review].Story of Seasons is the latest game in the long-running farming series to hit the 3DS. Sowing this much fun takes a lot of hard work — fortunately, our plucky farming friends are up to the task! The game’s titular town of Olive Town is home to all sorts of colorful character, including your helpful animal pals. From the mischievous Zenny the Zebra to the lazy Bulldog, these animal pals are always ready to lend a helping hand. (Just don’t forget to feed them!). Read more about story of seasons: pioneers of olive town guide and let us know what you think.

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