The Best Races for Warlocks in World of Warcraft (Shadowlands)

This is a guide to the best races for warlocks in World of Warcraft: Legion. While there are many variables that contribute to which race will be most beneficial, these factors include class talents, buffs and other bonuses specific to each talent tree.

The “best race for warlock pve shadowlands” is a topic that many people are interested in. There are many races that can be good for the job, but these are some of the best ones to choose from.

Some people establish pacts with demons because they believe the Twisting Nether’s inhabitants will one day dominate all of existence. Others join them purely for the power promised in exchange for their loyalty.

However, others do so in order to turn the tables on the demons and use their abilities against their masters. For a pact to work, both parties must agree, and the warlocks who serve Azeroth refuse to play the role of puppet.

Warlocks, wielding pure fel energy, unleash a barrage of curses, hexes, and eldritch spells on their adversaries. Warlocks, who command demons to perform their bidding, refuse to back down from actions regarded too deadly by others.

If you dare to continue down this road, find a worthy host to wield this power. Find and pick a good candidate from among Azeroth’s races to become a warlock.

On that topic, we’ll go through the finest races for warlocks in World of Warcraft right now. For Horde and Alliance players, we have iconic warlock choices as well as various forms of gameplay.

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Mechagnome/Troll is the best race for PvE Warlocks.

Given that all three warlock specifications revolve upon delivering damage, choosing a race that fits with all three is rather simple. Thankfully, there are a variety of fantastic selections, so you may choose whatever matches your preferences. When playing PvE, these are the greatest races for warlocks.

Mechagnome/Human Alliance

Mechagnome-1024x321 Mechagnome You may be able to tell the Mechagnome from the minions if you squint. | Blizzard Entertainment image courtesy of Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

To begin, if you despise the appearance of Mechagnomes, just switch to Human. The distinction isn’t enough to make you dislike your character. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s look at why the Mechagnome is the greatest race for a warlock.

Gnomes’ cybernetic relatives are notorious for their extraordinarily strong racial passives and the fact that they seem to be wearing diapers. Combat Analysis is a perk that gradually increases over 40 seconds to give you more of your main stat.

This bonus will last as long as you remain in fight, making it one of the most powerful racial buffs in the game. Given the length of most boss encounters (particularly in raids), you’ll get the most out of this racial 90% of the time. Even more so, given that cranking up DoTs and setting up enormous empowered blasts frequently accounts for the majority of your damage.

Furthermore, you have an Emergency Failsafe passive that restores 15% of your maximum health when you fall below 20% HP. Despite being a squishy caster, you should be able to come back from the edge of death numerous times in a battle with this and your healthstone.

We suggest Human for people who are adamantly opposed to Mechagnomes, since the boost to their secondary stats from The Human Spirit is consistently excellent. Will to Survive’s free stun cleansing is also incredibly useful for cheesing several combat dynamics.

Troll/Orc Horde

Troll-1024x611 Troll You could get a tickle from the hex, heh heh. | Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

Troll is the finest Horde race for warlocks in terms of technicality, according to simulations. This is completely due to the insane haste bonus you get from Berserking. Your haste is raised by 15% for 10 seconds, thereby giving you a mini-bloodlust.

Simply line it up with your big cooldowns during a burn phase to earn significant value from it while it’s on a 3-minute cooldown. The remainder of the Trolls’ racial abilities are negligible at best. Regeneration will offer you some fight health regen, which is great but won’t make a significant impact.

Da Voodoo Shuffle decreases all movement-impairing effects, but considering that you already have your Demonic Gateway and Demonic Circle, it won’t make much of a difference. Though it’s ideal if the mobility debuff also includes a damage component, allowing the DoT to fall off you faster.

You may also choose Orc, since they are only a smidgeon behind Troll. Blood Fury’s performance is akin to Berserking’s since it provides a substantial main stat increase for 15 seconds. Furthermore, the Orcs’ Command passive increases all of your dogs’ damage by 1%. This is particularly true for demonology warlocks who conjure a large number of minions.

Human/Orc is the best race for PvP Warlocks.

The historic Human vs. Orc struggle is once again personified in the two greatest races for PvP. This is largely due to the skills of both races to mitigate/cleanse stuns and deliver decent stat bonuses.

Human-Human Alliance

Human-1024x551 Human Give him a second; he’s summoning an imp. | Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

The Humans’ Will to Survive is wonderful for opening up a PvP trinket slot to anything other than the traditional Gladiator’s Medallion, as we’ve stated in our previous top race guides. Especially now that patch 9.2 has added additional unique effects to experiment with.

Furthermore, the additional secondary metrics from The Human Spirit are always welcome. Especially when accumulating flexibility is crucial for avoiding getting blown up as a squishy caster and breaking past enemy defenses.

Orcs are the Horde.

Orc-PvP-1024x542 Orc PvP Protect me, Blueberry! | Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

While Hardiness’s 20% reduced chance of getting stunned may not seem like much at first, in PvP, even a single second might make the difference between life and death. As the law of diminishing returns kicks in, a one-second shock gets utterly undetectable by you.

Furthermore, when you believe you can execute your opponent, Blood Fury provides an incredible boost to your damage. Simply stack it with all of your main cooldowns and chuckle as you pound a pair of enhanced blasts into the immolated face of your foes.

Given that most players don’t bother killing pets or minions, Command’s 1 percent damage increase makes them more dangerous than normal.

Gnome/Orc is the best race for Lore Warlock.

Gnomes are allies.

Wilfred-1024x388 Wilfred - Gnome Moments leading up to disaster. Anyway, let’s go on. | Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment and HGG’s Jeffrey Hsu

We would have selected the Draenei if they could be warlocks, but considering how badly it has gone for them in the past (*cough* every Eredar out there), their race has decided against it. So we’ll settle with the Gnomes instead!

Any experienced World of Warcraft player would vouch to how memorable Gnome warlocks are, owing to how badly it backfired on them. This is most likely owing to their race’s proclivity for delving too far into forbidden information in the hopes of outwitting whatever entity they’re attempting to control.

Wilfred Fizzlebang, for example, sought to conjure and bind a demon for the participants to battle against during the Argent Tournament. The summoning procedure went incorrect, and he wound up summoning Lord Jaraxxus (ILLIDARI LORD OF THE BURNING LEGION), who immolated the small gnome right away.

Let’s see whether you’ll be another victim of the Gnomes’ arrogance, or if you’ll be able to defeat the Twisting Nether’s demons.

Orcs are the Horde.

Guldan-1024x600 Gul'dan - Orc Part 2 of Ghoulish Daniel: Fel Boogaloo | Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment and Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

The Orcs have a long history with warlocks. The whole Warcraft series might be said to have begun with Orcs learning how to become warlocks from Kil’jaeden, which led to the invasion of Azeroth.

In fact, Gul’dan, the most notorious of all the warlocks, is the defining Orc warlock. He was the one who led the Orcs of Draenor to drink fel blood, aided in the opening of the Dark Portal, and ravaged Azeroth. He’s become such a thorn in the side of Azeroth that an alternative version of him called the Burning Legion for a third attack on our planet.

Despite this, the Orcs continue to nurture individuals who have the potential to become warlocks. In the end, fel energy is simply another power source to master, and you’ll need to use it to fight evil on occasion. Just make sure you don’t make the same errors as before.

Dark Iron Dwarf/Undead is the best-looking race for a Warlock.

Dark Iron Dwarf, Dark Iron Dwarf, Dark Iron Dwarf, Dark Iron D

Dark-Iron-Dwarf-1024x715 Dark Iron Dwarf Blizzard Entertainment image courtesy of Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

Because warlocks are all about fire and fel, they have a sinister and scary appearance. Thankfully, given their burning molten eyes and previous contacts with Ragnaros, the Dark Iron Dwarves already fit that style!

Imagine a swarm of demons breaking through your adversaries and murdering them while fel flames engulf them. Your army bows in reverence as you, cloaked in black robes, move forward. Your eyes are the only thing that stands out in the darkness, yet to them, it just makes you scarier than any monster.

Undead Horde

Undead Undead Blizzard Entertainment image courtesy of Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

You’re already a corpse, so it’s a good thing you don’t mind your flesh burning away. The raging fires that consume everything around you are almost lovely to look at. Among the dying breaths of your adversaries, the deep throaty laugh that your people is famed for rasps out.

Isn’t it true that demons and death go hand in hand? Then you must deliver, since they seem to still be alive. A burst of flame scours their flesh until it resembles yours. Except that you’re still moving, but they aren’t.

Gnome/Undead is the best race for a Warlock in WoW Classic and Burning Crusade.

Gnomes are allies.

Gnome-Classic Gnome Classic The peak form of unimaginable evil. | Blizzard Entertainment image courtesy of Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

Gnomes are undeniably the finest race for warlocks in Classic World of Warcraft. Your Intelligence is permanently increased by 5% thanks to their Expansive Mind racial passive. Given that it’s your major stat, impacts how much mana you have, and increases your crit probability with spells, it’s a no-brainer.

Given how often arcane damage is in Classic, having Arcane Resistance is also a plus. Because of how fragile you are, you want to maintain your distance from most adversaries, and being able to sprint away is a key part of that.

Undead Horde/Orc

Undead-Cinematic Best Races for Warlock- Undead Cinematic Moments before he was charged with arson. | Blizzard Entertainment image courtesy of Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

It depends on the period you’re playing in when it comes to the Horde. The Undead are the ideal race for warlocks during Classic since their Will of the Forsaken grants fear immunity. Because fear mechanics are so popular among bosses, this may substantially reduce your downtime from scurrying about like a chicken.

You’ll have to warlock tank some encounters on rare instances, and the Shadow Resistance may help you survive spells directed at you. Plus, when the circumstances allows, you may use Cannibalize to boost your health a little.

However, owing to Blood Fury being changed to account for casters, Orcs become the greatest race for warlocks in the Burning Crusade. The ability now buffs your spell damage as well, making Orcs a viable and powerful warlock pick.

Furthermore, the 5% increase in your pet’s damage from Command is rather beneficial if they can remain alive long enough in a battle. Remember that most encounters will kill your pet if they deal AoE damage.

Be a part of the High Ground

That concludes our discussion on the top races for warlocks in World of Warcraft. Subscribe and leave a comment below if you have a different perspective or other remarks you’d want to share!

Have fun gaming!

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The “best alliance race for warlock shadowlands” is a question that has been asked many times. The best races for warlocks in World of Warcraft can be found in the “Shadowlands.”.

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