The Lost Ark Destroyer’s weapon isn’t a warhammer – it’s a minivan on a stick

There are many different weapons in the game, but this one caught our attention.

The “The Lost Ark Destroyer’s weapon isn’t a warhammer – it’s a minivan on a stick” is an article about the new game from Ubisoft, The Division. It talks about how the player can use their car as a weapon. Read more in detail here: massively overpowered.

Look no farther than the game’s new Destroyer advanced class for the Warrior, the fourth for the basic class, if you want to Hulk out to Beethoven’s 5th in Lost Ark. It will be released on Thursday, May 19th, along with the rest of the May update — and the version we’ll be receiving is the modified, retuned, and rebalanced version, not the initial one that was released in Korea.

“The Destroyer is a genuine tank with tremendous health, the ability to build shields, and powerful strikes that deliver large quantities of Stagger damage. The Destroyer’s attack and movement speed suffer as a result of the trade-off—this gigantic warrior lugs a massive Gravity Hammer about the battlefield. While the Destroyer’s general speed is modest, certain of his talents enable him to jump or charge into battle at high speeds. The Destroyer will not be the slowest moving fighter on the field because to his power to control gravity— he can travel freely with his tremendous gravitational strikes while adversaries are slowed, crippled, and crushed. You don’t even need to move when you can just draw adversaries toward you. While the Destroyer’s attacks are sluggish and need charging, they are highly powerful, particularly while eating Gravity Cores.”

Naturally, a new teaser has been released today to tease the class. We suggest increasing your insurance coverage since we’re certain that lugging hammers that large will be taxing on your back.

YouTube is the source of this video. Tyler from MOP provided the title, and he is correct.


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