The MOP Up: SWG rogue server Empire in Flames celebrates five years

SWG is celebrating 5 years of the Empire in Flames server, which has been a staple for many SWG fans. The team who ran the server have released a video and some images on their anniversary celebration.

The “Empire in Flames wiki” is a website that has been around for five years. It was created to celebrate the game, and offer up information about it.

This week marked the fifth anniversary of the rogue server Star Wars Galaxies: Empire in Flames. “EIF has seen a lot of changes, original material, and new features since the doors opened on May 4th 2017,” the operators added.

Special Mandalorian content is also coming shortly, according to the developers.

And this is just the beginning of the information! In this episode of The MOP Together, we’ve rounded up some of the lesser MMO news pieces and videos from the last week (and if you spot anything we missed, please let us know)!


Should Apex Legends support macros? Some people say yes, while others say no. The following is a summary of the discussion on the subject.

This week, MU Origin 2 released Update 7.1, which included “guild territory enhancements, accessory resurrection, core awakening, legendary jewels, and much more.”

High Isle’s Ascendant Lord and Magus, who are evidently bigshots down in the Ascendant Order factory, got a two-for-one backstory dump in Elder Scrolls Online.

The 2.0 Update for PUBG Mobile includes a new Livik map, a UTV vehicle, and updates to old maps.

“Participate in the event by battling phantom Mechanoids and testing your abilities in combat simulations to earn prizes,” says the Skyforge website.

Hi- Vertigo has been released by Rez’s Rogue Company.

The game received a “bonus upgrade” from SMITE: “There’s a lot of balance in this update, as well as some amazing new cosmetics.” In addition, SMITE is collaborating with Slipknot:

This week, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak had a major digital event featuring announcements, a customized Switch controller, and confirmation that the game would be released on June 30th:

T3 Arena, a “fast-paced hero shooter” from XD Network, is coming to iOS on May 26th:

A new PUBG: Battlegrounds patch should keep you entertained:

Update 17.2 is now available! You can catch up on all the changes in the latest Patch Report.


mop-up-avEvery year, the MMO business produces an increasing amount of news; no one website could possibly cover it all. That’s why, every week, we compile all the extras in The MOP Up, our weekly roundup of MMO news we don’t want to go through the gaps of time. Send us your breaking news through our tip line!


SWG has released a brand new server for the game, which is called “Empire in Flames.” The server is set to launch on December 18th. Reference: swg new server.

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