The Wagadu Chronicles plans its first alpha test for sometime this February

Wagadu is a brand new game that has been in development for about two years. It’s an open world RPG set in the African kingdom of Wagadu, where players are thrust into a society which values martial prowess over all else. In order to become the next king or queen, you must prove your worth at The Arena by battling opponents and completing missions.

The Wagadu Chronicles plans its first alpha test for sometime this February


If you’ve been keeping the Twitter account of The Wagadu Chronicles on your feed, you know that the game has been teasing a big announcement for the past few days. This Sunday, the announcement cat was released from the secrets bag: The afro-fantasy MMORPG is heading for its first alpha test this February.

There is no specific date for when alpha one will begin, nor is there any information on how long this initial alpha phase will go, although the statement does state that alpha will begin in the second part of the month. Readers may remember that access to this alpha was available to Kickstarter funders who pledged €140 or more.

Twin Drums, as one would assume, is anxious to get started and grateful to its backers. Additional information is expected to be released shortly, but for now, we know that the first round of public testing is on the way.

Players will enter the realm of Wagadu for the first time in the second part of February! 😱🔥

We are super excited to bring our Alpha-1 to reality and cannot thank you enough for your support. 🥰🤗#MMORPG #afrofantasy #black #gamedevelopment #ign

— The Wagadu Chronicles | MMORPG & 5E Setting (@WagaduChronicle) January 16, 2022

Some of us just met in Ghana🇬🇭🖤 and a few more are joining 🔥 A bigger part of @WagaduChronicle ‘s Alpha1 development will be worked on in Accra in the coming weeks: so exciting to be able to contribute to the local development scene ✨#indiedevs #Africa #Ghana #MMORPG #gamedev

— Twin Drums (@TwinDrums) January 17, 2022


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