The Waylanders Getting New Pet Quests

The Waylanders have been out in the field for a while now, fighting to keep the world safe from invading monsters and the undead. But, despite their heroic efforts, the people of the Waylands still gripe about the arrival of the undead, and how they are not getting any quests to fight them. So, the Questers have decided to take matters into their own hands and have set up a new task: the Pets of the Waylands!

Over the last few months, the community team at Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition has been keeping up with the Waylander’s pet quests, as they try to fill the void left by the lack of pets in the Minecraft: Pocket Edition beta. As we’ve already shared in our blog, some of the new pets have been quite a challenge, with even the developer team struggling to help the community with some of the tasks.

In Update 25, the Waylanders are getting some new pets to help them on their way in the event that they are ever stranded.

The Waylanders by Gato Salvaje Studio has received a new early access update that includes new missions for rangers to get pets that were previously exclusively accessible to race-specific classes.

In addition to the pet missions, this update introduces five new NPC-led mini-quests, each of which unlocks lore and other prizes when completed. Improved camera behavior has also been included, which helps avoid the player’s view point from being obstructed by map obstacles or being stuck.

The tutorial has also been improved with the addition of tooltips during the game’s first objective, as well as improvements to the skill, inventory, and character windows. The enemy distribution has been altered to better match the new difficulty levels introduced in June’s update.

Watch the trailer below to learn more:

Pets sneak look in The Waylanders Alpha 0.33

Those who are interested may check out the update right now — it is now accessible to Early Access and Games in Development users on Steam and GOG.

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