Trove holds contests to mark ‘twosday’, prepares for a class changing update on February 23

With Valentine’s Day coming up, Trove is ready to mark a special day in its own way by launching the most exciting update yet. “Twosday” will kick off on February 23rd with all new content for you and your friends! Matchmaking improvements have been made so that players are paired up more frequently now – it also makes things easier when it comes time to find specific people or guild mates. The update finishes with one of the coolest feature we’ve ever implemented: Guild Rank upgrades, which will be available from level 0-5 at launch and can then be unlocked through a quest chain (which culminates in an epic treasure hunt!)


Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022, or 2/22/22 if you want to sound like an automatic laser weapon, is the date. Trove has allegedly decided to participate in some special competitions and activities in celebration of the unusual calendar day known as “twosday.”

Players who submit a photo of their character and a partner’s character on the game’s social media or official Discord channel will be put into two raffles: one for 222 euros in in-game cash, and another for 222 euros in a HyperX keyboard and headset. On Tuesday, February 22nd, at 1:00 p.m. EST, the winners will be revealed during a webcast.

Additionally, on February 22nd, individuals who buy tree packs for Gamigo’s Eden Reforestation Project collaboration will have twice as many trees planted. On Tuesday, Trove will reintroduce Gorgeous Gear bundles.

As for content updates, Trove has announced the release of its next update for Wednesday, February 23rd, which will introduce “exciting class changes and much more.” Details are otherwise unavailable due to the game’s forums still going inexplicably dark.

Prepare yourselves to discover exciting class-changes & much more in #Trove on Wednesday, February 23! 🤩

Have you had a chance to test the upcoming changes on our PTS? 👀#MMO #gaming

— Trove (@TroveGame) February 21, 2022


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