Trove’s latest PC patch adds ‘Depth Stepper’ gates to elite delves

Depth Stepping is a mechanic in Minecraft that allows a player to move faster or farther when they jump or sprint. This can be a huge time saver when exploring tricky areas, but it also adds a whole new level to the difficulty of getting from one area to another.

Trove, the game that pits players against one another across the vastness of the worlds, has received its latest PC patch, which, among other things, adds support for the new Depth Stepper gates that can be found in both the Borderlands and Guardians of Middle-earth delves.

This past weekend, Trove released a new patch for all Trove players. This, as mentioned in the patch notes, adds “Depth Stepper” gates to the Elite Dungeons. For those new to Trove, these gates can be found throughout the dungeon, and provide new ways for players to further explore the map.

Trove has received a new content patch from Gamigo, at least on PC. It’s dubbed the Depth Stepper upgrade by the studio. What exactly is a Depth Stepper, and why is it so difficult to say? We can’t answer the second question, but we can tell you about the first: it’s a new kind of delve gateway that players may purchase or construct to get access to higher-end dives.

“When a Depth Stepper is placed, the putting Player may interact with it to bring up a UI that enables them to manually adjust the initial Depth (usually between 23 and 110, but some adept Delvers may find they can start deeper, and many Depth Steppers have a minimum depth higher than 23). When Depth Steppers lead to a particular BOSS or BIOME, you’ll usually find them in the first three levels of the delve (when the Shadowy Soul Vault emerges), but some bosses may appear on floors after Shadowy Soul Vaults. After then, every three levels has a better probability of spawning the BOSS or BIOME. When a third-tier without the BOSS or BIOME is produced, the Delve will send a message to the chat box stating that the BOSS or BIOME no longer has an enhanced spawn chance.”

There is no set timetable for the console release of this patch, but we expect it to happen within the next several weeks.

Chris from MOP spent a month playing Trove for our Choose My Adventure column, but it wasn’t until his very final article – about the game’s imaginative club realms – that he was really taken away.


Trove’s latest PC patch adds ‘Depth Stepper’ gates to elite delves.. Read more about trove update and let us know what you think.

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