V Rising deep-dives the features of the vampiric castle ahead of its May 17 early access launch

Vampiric Castle is an MMORPG game in which the player must build and manage their own castle, defending it from hordes of vampires. Players can either start as a hunter or vampire and fight against each other to win territory for their faction, using unique leveling systems that are based on working together with friends.

You can’t truly call yourself a vampiric lord unless you rule over a massive gothic castle. Thankfully, survival sandbox V Rising received the word and will allow players build the creepy castle of their dreams, but there are a lot of elements inherently related to owning a castle beyond satisfying the status quo, as a recent dev blog points out.

For starters, the castle will hold a player’s coffin (also known as a respawn spot). Character growth elements such as crafting stations will be located in the castle, and people will be able to be turned into vampiric slaves or standard blood sources such as reusable juice boxes. Naturally, the castle may be further customized to a player’s preferences, with a variety of customization choices and furniture.

The Castle Heart, which powers crafting stations and keeps defenses up as long as blood is flowing through it, is at the center of it all. According to the blog, players who seek to breach a well-maintained castle would have a difficult time doing so since breaking down even a single wall will require a resource-intensive and planned assault, while repairs may be quickly made by the castle’s owner.

Those interested in learning more about this fundamental aspect of vampire life in V Rising may read the dev blog, watch the video below, or just wait for the game’s early access launch on Tuesday, May 17th.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rT5 lG5KbpE


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