V Rising’s spiders are upsetting enough to prompt players to ask for an arachnophobia mode

V Rising is a multiplayer first-person shooter game with a twist: to advance, players need to capture and sacrifice spiders. It’s been drawing criticism from arachnophobes since its launch earlier this month for being so realistic that it triggers fear in some people. In response, V Rising released an update on September 20th that adds the Masochism mode where players can take out their fears by shooting spiders instead of capturing them.,

The “arachnophobia movie” is a horror film that has spiders in it. The game, V Rising, has such an unsettling experience for some players that they asked for an arachnophobia mode.

Spider foes are a common occurrence in video games of all kinds, making it difficult for individuals with actual arachnophobia to enjoy many of them. According to some gamers, the spider enemies in V Rising are among the most triggering, causing them to beg developer Stunlock Studios to provide an arachnophobia mode.

On the game’s Discord, one player named Simonokles began the request by drawing attention to one boss named Ungora the Spider Queen and her lair’s connected opponents, which caused his buddy some anguish and spurred his idea. “People who suffer from phobias are not just terrified, but also panic. “Those who need it may still enjoy the game in such a situation,” he argues. “As a consequence of such settings, the aesthetic appearance does not have to suffer.”

The concept sparked a firestorm of debate, with what seems to be a 50/50 mix of supporters and opponents, with some stating that a gothic horror game without spiders misses the point. Others argue that adding mod support to V Rising would merely allow users to address the issue; the game presently lacks mod support, and no plans for future mod support have been mentioned. Things degenerated to the point that a mod archived and terminated the topic, as they do with most internet “discussions.”

Meanwhile, Stunlock is continuing to crow about V Rising’s first big week of early access with an infographic of activity to date. Just be wary of the game’s spiders; apparently they are pretty upsetting.


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