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The vampire faction in this game is overpowered, and it seems like there is nothing you can do about it. Well, fear not! There are plenty of weapons that you can unlock to help fight off the vampires coming after your neck. Check out our guide for Fall here: Vampire Survivor’s Best Weapons Guide | How to Unlock

The “vampire survivors unlock guide” is a guide for unlocking the best weapons in the game. The guide includes information on where to find all of the weapons, as well as how to unlock them.

There are several different weapons to select from in Vampire Survivors. Magical wands, whips, crosses, and more may be found! All of these weapons are necessary for survival in this perilous environment. So, what weapons are ideal at clearing runs on a constant basis? While all weapons are useful, we believe these are the greatest in Vampire Survivors.

How to Get the Best Vampire Survivors Weapons

When we speak about the greatest weapons, we primarily evaluate two factors: the improved weapon’s damage output and the utility item’s usefulness. We have six weaponry here that will assist gamers in clearing runs regularly.

While any weapon may win you a race, some weapons do constant, high damage in a specific region, have useful supporting items, or can save your bacon in a pinch!

Eight The Sparrow And Phiera Der Tuphello

Vampire Survivors Best Weapon Pistols

The best weapon in the game is the combined evolution of Eight The Sparrow And Phiera Der Tuphello. You get these by unlocking Pugnala Provala, a survivor hidden in the coffin of the Mad Forest, and then using her on a run.

This is a tricky combination to pull off. You must completely improve both guns before receiving the Tiramisu item.

The advanced versions of these weapons, on the other hand, do immense damage in a large radius around you. They’re permanent lasers if the cooldown is high enough! When it comes to crowds, this combination weapon has the most DPS in the game. They aren’t the greatest Reaper Killers, but they’ll let you win runs with ease.


vsaxe-640x360Vampire Survivors Best Weapon Axe

The Axe is an entry-level weapon. With the Candleabra, it develops.

This weapon excels at controlling the area of effect. When developed, the Scythes it creates cover a massive area of screen and provide tremendous pushback. Because Axes do a lot of damage early on and Candleabras make your assaults bigger in general, it’s a fairly safe weapon.

Fire Wand

vsfirewand-640x360Vampire Survivors Best Weapon Fire Wand

The Fire Wand is a powerful weapon. When you destroy 20 lighting fixtures, such as torches or candles, it unlocks.

Early on, the Fire Wand is a disaster. It’s really not that substantial, and the piercing is terrible. But there are three factors that make it work. The Fire Wand may now burst on hit thanks to the new Arcana system, giving it a more powerful weapon. The Evolved Fire Wand’s sole serious flaw is that it performs excellent area damage. It also changes with the Spinach. Spinach gives all weapons a 50 percent damage bonus. On a run, it’s always useful to have!

Ring of Lightning

vslightningring-640x360Vampire Survivors Best Weapon Ring of Lightning

The Ring of Lightning unlocks once you’ve destroyed 5000 enemies. This ring is another rough early-game pick. However, it evolves with the Duplicating Ring, an item which can easily double the damage that specific weapons do.

The evolved version of the Ring of Lightning can very easily keep you safe. It has incredible damage and knock back, dealing consistently high DPS over the course of crowded runs like Library.


vslaurel-640x360Vampire Survivors Best Weapon Laurel

The only weapon on this list that cannot develop is the Laurel. It doesn’t have to since it doesn’t have to.

The Laurel is your first item, and it provides you with an invulnerability shield. The Laurel’s shield comes in useful no matter how adept you are at this game. It can stop you from making dumb errors early on. Later on, it becomes a huge help in keeping you alive when you attempt to take on Death at the conclusion of a run.

Only grab a Laurel once you’ve improved a weapon and are certain that you’ll be able to finish the run with adequate damage. The Laurel will not preserve your run if you are unable to kill foes.


vsgarlic-640x360Vampire Survivors Best Weapon Garlic

Garlic gets a mention here as well. Garlic’s DPS isn’t great, but it’s good for survival. It’s also useful early on in the game if you require assistance slaying foes in the initial few steps of a run.

Garlic’s aura naturally allows you to push foes farther away from you. It also protects you against projectiles, which are prevalent in Areas 3 and 4.

Your utility item also heals you for 1 HP per second. This isn’t a lot, yet it cures you completely in about a minute! If your floor chicken luck isn’t so good, this might come in helpful.

We hope you found this information useful! Take a look at our other gaming guides!

The “vampire survivors collection list” is a guide that shows the best weapons in Fall. The “Fall” is the season of the game. This includes all of the weapons, armor and skins from the game.

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