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A bear can be found on the island of Far Cry 3 and it is possible to kill the bear, but when you do so, you see that there’s nothing left. Where did it go?

The “far cry 3 cradle gas location” is a puzzle in Far Cry 3. It can be found in the game’s first mission, which is called “The Road to Prosperity.” The “Far Cry 3 undying bear” is a reference to the fact that there are no bears in this part of the game.

Where to find the Undying Bear: The Undying Bear, like other bear hunts, is located in a cave south of Cradle Gas, where the task begins. Brody may be foolish, but he isn’t stupid enough to battle a bear in close quarters. The bear is lurking amid the dead corpses in the cave’s left corner.

Taking everything into account, where does the Golden Tiger appear in Far Cry 3?

Golden Tiger Leather is a quest item found in Path of the Hunter. Misquito Yard Outpost is located south of Amanaki Town. To harm the tigers, you may use a variety of weapons and objects, but the last blow must be delivered with the Recurve Bow or your Machete/Knife.

Where is Black Panther Far Cry 3 in addition to the aforementioned? Make your way south of Dr. Earnhardt’s Mansion to discover it. A Black Panther is just a color variety of a regular Leopard (there is no single species termed a “Black Panther” — only Leopard or Mountain Lion/Cougar varieties).

In this regard, where can I locate a single horn hide in Far Cry 3?

What is the location of the One Horn? One Horn may be found in the plains southwest of Camp Murder, north of the river that’s northwest of The Birdhous, mixed up with other buffalo in Far Cry 3.

In Far Cry 3, how do you kill the Black Panther?

Track down a rare black panther and kill it using a bow and ordinary arrows in this Path of the Hunter task. Make the Extended Syringe Kit out of the skin of this dangerous predator, which can contain 12 syringes for several usage.

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In the “undying bear quest location” for Far Cry 3, the undying bear is a hidden NPC who will give you special items. In order to find him, you need to enter the cave near where you start and go through a door on the left.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find bears in Far Cry 3?

A: The bears in Far Cry 3 are usually found around the jungles and savannas. You can also find them on some islands but they mostly live off of fish, fruit and other food sources.

How do you kill the bear in Far Cry 3?

A: This is a difficult question and there are many ways to kill the bear in Far Cry 3. The most effective way, though, is for you to shoot it with an assault rifle from 10 feet away.

How do you unlock path of the Hunter in Far Cry 3?

A: In order to unlock the Path of The Hunter, you must find a quest given by Far Cry 3s main protagonist Jason Brody.

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