Where To Farm Unsullied Hearts In V Rising

V Rising is the latest game developed by V. Chris Reed, who’s team has helped create some of the biggest games on mobile platforms in recent years. The upcoming title promises a new take on MOBA gameplay and an innovative battle system that allows players to switch between two types of playable characters while they’re still fighting–a first for any MOBAs out there!

V rising is a game that has an interesting mechanic where players can farm unsullied hearts and use them to buy items. I will tell you how to get these hearts in the game and what they are used for. Read more in detail here: v rising unsullied heart.

In V Rising, Where Can I Farm Unsullied Hearts?

To advance with the tasks early in the game, you’ll need Unsullied Hearts to generate Greater Blood Essence. This tutorial on In V Rising, Where Can I Farm Unsullied Hearts? shows you how to farm a certain animal quickly and easily so you can collect as many Unsullied Hearts as you need to go further in the game and unlock additional recipes and blueprints.

It’s worth mentioning that Unsullied Heart drop rates are already causing a lot of consternation in the community. Because so many gamers are complaining, the devs are almost certain to reply at some time. If you don’t want to wait, there is a simple method you can take that will allow you to harvest Unsullied Hearts, at least enough to accomplish the goal and continue with the game, since you’ll be able to acquire Greater Blood Essence much more easily after you unlock another recipe.

In V Rising, Where Can I Farm Unsullied Hearts?

Unsullied-Hearts-Map-Route-900x414In V Rising, Where Can I Farm Unsullied Hearts? Two wolf dens may be found in this region, one at either end of the dark route. This is the location of the Alpha Wolf’s spawning. The spawn rate is really fast, taking just a minute or two. So you’d want to transform into a wolf or a horse, and then travel between the two wolves dens using the paths outlined above.

If you’re too sluggish, the wolf may exit the wolf lair, so keep an eye on the local vicinity. If there are signs of fighting or other disturbances, the Alpha Wolf may have departed the area because you were taking too long to get between the two places. I was able to harvest 5 Unsullied Hearts using this approach in around 30 minutes, which isn’t very quick, but it’s fast enough to earn what you need to continue with the quests.

The “v rising unsullied heart recipe” is a guide that will give you the locations of where to farm un-sullied hearts.

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